View Full Version : Canair hovercrafts?

Iwerk - n/a
6-Feb-06, 04:07 AM
Any Canair owners/builders out there?

Don83000 - n/a
7-Feb-06, 12:10 AM
Yep Iv'e built 2 so far what do you want to know ?.

Iwerk - n/a
7-Feb-06, 03:30 AM
I have ordered the Canair 300 plans from http://www.acvdesigns.com/canair300.htm

I'd like to know more about which engines are most suited to the Canair hovercraft for extended range. Speed is not as essential as distance travelled.

Do you know of anyone putting air-cooled diesel engines in hovercrafts? I have a couple of 20hp Ruggerini/Deutz air-cooled diesels.

Or possibly motorcycle engines?

Or even the Geo Metro 3 cylinder, one litre gasoline engine?

BTW, how do you like your Canair hovercraft? Does the reverse thrust work well? Is it useful for slowing the hovercraft down? Any information would be helpful. I am new to hovercrafts. I'd love to see more photos of the Canairs that you have. thanks...

Don83000 - n/a
7-Feb-06, 05:04 AM
Whats your email and I will send your more pics and some big mods we are doing.

Iwerk - n/a
7-Feb-06, 05:31 AM

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Russ Pullen - n/a
7-Feb-06, 08:27 AM
HI George

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Sean Atterbury - n/a
7-Feb-06, 08:43 AM
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Come on you can do it... Go Russ Go...

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Russ Pullen - n/a
7-Feb-06, 12:31 PM
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Yeah baby, Yeah!

Sean Atterbury - n/a
7-Feb-06, 12:34 PM
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srn4 - n/a
7-Feb-06, 12:36 PM

Sean Atterbury - n/a
7-Feb-06, 01:03 PM
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Iwerk - n/a
7-Feb-06, 05:50 PM
Glad to meet you Russ. I would have to agree with you about the spelling mistake. I don't knwo what I was thinking... Razz


HI George

Well, first thing you need to knwo is that the plural of 'hovercraft' is..... 'hovercraft'. Razz


Iwerk - n/a
7-Feb-06, 06:06 PM
I like your website srn4, www.tegwin.demon.co.uk

You look like you have as many projects as me...

Iwerk - n/a
7-Feb-06, 06:08 PM
Thanks for all the help, Don. Much appreciated...



Whats your email and I will send your more pics and some big mods we are doing.

Iwerk - n/a
14-Feb-06, 04:09 AM
I received my Canair 300 plans today from


The fun officially begins. I was really surprised at the level of

detail. Full sized detailed drawings for fabricating the parts, the

parts listing, the materials listing, the construction manual, the

assembly drawings and even samples of the skirt material. They even

talk about how to operate the hovercraft properly, engine

recommendations, etc, etc. Lots of information...