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john andrews - n/a
6-Feb-06, 09:55 PM
Hi all Being working on Danny's 503 these past few weekends and would like some help from you fellow eagle owners.

The centre seat console looks as if it is one unit rivited into place to the bottom centre run, When if how we take this off does this leave the base area where the engine mounts are still inaccesable or is there a more helpful panel underneath this?

The reason behind this is we were looking at the engine mounts after 4 race meetings and a few trips to the coast and the engine mounts are fixed with no strengtheners underneath.

We want to put a plate under and above the mounts to provide some more structure to this.

Also does where the flat air tunnel??? run to the front from the plenum to provide air for the front skirts or is this just part of the design - there are holes at rear of plenum that let water into this gap???

Also pictures of other peoples mods for a twin rudder and single small elevator assembly to replace the standard ones would be appreciated??

Sean Atterbury - n/a
7-Feb-06, 04:58 AM
Hi I don't have aeagle but have these pics.

Hope they help.

As far as I can tell, everything just pop-rivets together.

OK It would seen that they do not want to work.

But check out ED Hurns site at http://www.hovercraft.demon.co.uk/craft_construction.htm

As well as K&M Productas at


nickyd - n/a
8-Feb-06, 08:52 AM

I'm not sure I entirely understand the problem but maybe I do....

I have an Eagle and have my engine mounts bolted to the 'air tunnel'. In order to put strengtheners underneath I drilled holes with a hole saw under each mount in the floor of the craft, from underneath. I was then able to put some steel strengthners in and bolt the mounts down. Once I'd done that I then glassed the holes up again. Job done!


Sean Atterbury - n/a
8-Feb-06, 10:05 AM
Very good. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif

Tel me, how do I glass ontop of glassfibe that is already dry, I tried but it does'nt stick very well, is there something you do to prepare the surface that I have'nt done.

srn4 - n/a
8-Feb-06, 10:46 AM
If you are trying to fibreglass ontop of the shiny top layer it wont work..The top layer (gell coat) contains wax which prevents the resin from sticking..

You will have to sand down the gellcoat with heavy grit paper or grind it down with a grinding disk....Once you have got down to the actual glass fibres it should stick fine. Just make sure the area is free from dust.

Sean Atterbury - n/a
8-Feb-06, 10:53 AM
thanks will try that nex time.

john andrews - n/a
11-Feb-06, 09:03 AM

When you put the holes in the bottoem were you not concerned about the holes???? And the tunnel is an airflow tunnel - take it this supplies the front of the craft? better not block the hole in the plenum then!!! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif

With regards to the strengthening we are thinking of putting a solid plate on top with individual plates at the underneath for more rigidity??? - also what bolts did you use?? We have a tendancy to go down to the coast for a bit of fun on the beach and sea - lucky enough to have a river launch where we can enter the sea onto the beach - but this plays merry hell with standard bolts!!! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_mad.gif

Are you running twin rudders on your craft with small elevator at the top??? we need some ideas on mounting methods and fixings - for the elevator?? The craft has a bar for the elevator at the moment but we want to put some form of cable idea in for the control of it- also what about a lockable method anyone whereby we could lock the control lever into a series of places - say for slightly nose up when racing as a fogetet about it mode - me being a novice and danny hopefully moving up into the proper class later this year.

Thanks All Feel Free to email : Johnandrews13 (AT) talktalk.net

Cheers http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

nickyd - n/a
13-Feb-06, 02:19 PM

I don't see a problem with putting the holes in the bottom because I blocked them back up. I used something like a 70mm holes saw to cut the holes. Then I araldited (is that a word?!) the cut-outs back into place, which I admit was a bit tricky, and then fibre glassed over the top. This didn't disturb the air flow in the tunnel at all, and it left the bottom of the craft flat as normal.

A plate on top with smaller ones underneath would do it I should think. I just have plates underneath. One for each mount. I bolted them in with M10 high tensile bolts, but you may want to use stainless if you are taking it on the sea.

I have twin rudders but no elevator. I have an aluminium tube running through the rudder with some aluminium bosses top and bottom which attach to two brackets. Bit hard to explain but I could post a pic up tomorrow if you like?

As for locking your control lever. You should be able to rig something up with a lever with a spring and some sort of bracket with notches in it. Not sure that makes sense.....

Hope this helps, will see if I can get a pic of my rudder set up for you