View Full Version : World Championships

tonybroad - n/a
17-Feb-06, 09:17 PM
c'mon people - get yourself registered for the Worlds, let's get the early physcological edge by having loads of Brit names on there.

There's only me, Fred Wilson and Chris Easterbrook in F3 so far - not that it wouldn't make for some good racing http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif


david ryan - n/a
18-Feb-06, 09:55 AM
Don't complain too much. There is only 1 registered for f25 so far. Don't leave me lonly out there, lads and lasses.

Russ Pullen - n/a
18-Feb-06, 04:01 PM
Hey result! Theyve trolled thru the archives and decided i finished 34th in F2 in Germany - not bad considering i didn't even start a race!

Youre right tho - registrations are a bit thin with just 6 months to go! maybe we just get excited a bit easier than the others, Tony! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_surprised.gif