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kevthehover - n/a
23-Feb-06, 08:03 AM
Found on E Bay last night

Item No: 4615433848

Kind Regards

Kev http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif

richardevans - n/a
23-Feb-06, 08:21 AM
Wow. Judge Dredd's hovercraft!

I wonder if it ever hovered. If not it might be a very expensive gimmick... I reckon most of the instrumentation is fake though. Why would you need all those guages and switches?

I'd love to know the story behind that one!

Richard E.

Sean Atterbury - n/a
23-Feb-06, 10:39 AM
Quote:Why would you need all those guages and switches?

101 ways to call the coastguard for help. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif

kevthehover - n/a
23-Feb-06, 05:43 PM
I was wondering if i could use it for coastal raceing? http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif

Sean Atterbury - n/a
24-Feb-06, 04:06 AM
that yellow makes it easy to find when submerged... http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif