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Michel - n/a
7-Mar-06, 07:33 AM
Hello All,

I sometimes post at RC- hovercraft site:


something interesting they have is a place to share pics and videos. I just post this morning one of my twin diesel craft, and I have several pic folders there.

I enjoy a lot sharing pics with you all , but , as Andy said, some of us have no high flow conection, so , including pics to messages could be bad for them.

Is there a chance for us to have here a special page to put them in an album or else ?

If this is too complicated, we could open our own on- line album , and and put all of them as links in this site.

My albums are at Webshots:


and RC-hovercraft.

Tell us about yours.....


7-Mar-06, 09:15 PM
I set up a few puplic site hovercraft videos here;

Puplic site Hovercraft videos (www.youtube.com/results?search=hovercraft&search_type=search_videos&search=Search)

Please feel free to add your video to the list! The growinglist will keep things interesting every time I go there.

Enjoy the show!