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Nighthawk - n/a
8-Mar-06, 03:51 AM
Well, for those who remember me from the old forum, I finally have chosen a craft and will begin construction next week. It has taken much longer to get things in order than I would have liked, but what can you do.

I am building a UH-14P mod. 12.5Hp lift engine with a 25Hp thrust engine utilizing a cage for the thrust prop instead of a duct. These are the major modifications I have done to the craft.

I would love anyone's feedback in regards to my mods and such. I am really curious what kind of impact using a cage instead of a duct will have on my crafts performance. So please all feel free to let me know.

schneidp20 - n/a
13-Apr-06, 02:54 AM
I've built the single engine 13p and I know Mike Jacobson who modified the 13P to have twin engines. The craft you describe will be a very fast machine because you have all 25hp going to the thrust. 50-55mph should be easily attainable. I don't think you'll suffer much if any by running w/o a duct. From what I understand (which ain't much), the thrust duct design isn't much more than a prop guard anyway.

not to take away from this group, but there are a lot of UH builders on alt.rec.hovercraft

Good luck!


jon_curtis - n/a
13-Apr-06, 05:02 PM
what sorta prop are you going to use?

rumour has it the new regs covering cruising craft

will allow the ducting of certain types of prop!!

Nighthawk - n/a
15-Apr-06, 10:31 PM

Sorry for the delay in on the reply. So to answer the question on the prop., I will be running a 5450 two blade. I have decided to go ahead and buy the duct (ouch on the wallet) to improve performance and look wise I think it will do the craft justice. I can't believe the size of this thing, she is running 14.6' long and about 6.5' wide. I am in high hopes of hitting 50-55 mph with my goal being 60mph. My biggest issue (being it is my first craft) is believing I can actually obtain these speeds. Any thoughts let me know http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif

schneidp20 - n/a
16-Apr-06, 03:29 AM
You could have saved yourself a little dough by building the duct yourself. Your craft isn't much different than the 13P. Have you seen my construction site? It might help as a reference. Not that it's THE way to do it ... just "a" way. The 14P is a really nice performing cruising craft. The UH "prototype" has been showing up at the Muscoda rally for several years. It'll b nteresting to hear how the twin engine performs.



There's also Brendin's craft. I'm not sure exactly where he lives in Canada.


Nighthawk - n/a
18-Apr-06, 12:00 AM
Thanks for the links, I will check them out. Well, I'm not going to argue I could have saved some cash by building the thrust duct mysel. What it came down to was not wanting to spend the time and effort building it, at least not for my first craft. I look forward to getting some building pics up for everyone soon. Till then.