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srn4 - n/a
10-Mar-06, 11:12 AM
Hey Guys.

Is there a particular fire extinguisher type and size that I should consider buying for my cruiser?

I need to get one, just cant decide what is the best option...

Thanks in advance http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif

Hovertrekker - n/a
10-Mar-06, 12:53 PM
I find the small "Kidde" brand white marine fire extinguishers work well since they're small and lightweight. They are ABC dry chemical type. You should be able to find them at any marine supply store.

Keith Oakley - n/a
10-Mar-06, 06:50 PM
When I had a major fire on my subaru powered cruiser some years back (due to inboard silencer overheating grp hull) I found none of the dry powder etc extinguishers had any impact on the grp fire. The only thing that worked was 3-4 helmet fulls of water from the nearby lake. It was the cooling effect of the water that did the trick.

hover_southwest - n/a
11-Mar-06, 12:54 AM
personally, as you never know what you might come up against being able to get to those places few others go, i have, and will in future, carry 1 water, 1 CO2 and 1 powder to cover all eventualities

yes this may be slightly overkill, but in one incident i managed to empty 2 of 3! and this was me helping a boat on a sand bank. that person was very gratefull as he had not checked his water one for some time, and it was empty http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif

lets just say he was under power, unsupervised 4.99 instant BBQ on wooden panel, watching odd looking craft (me on Osprey 5 hovercraft), rather than where he was going. Therefore RAPID STOP = MESS!

Michel - n/a
13-Mar-06, 06:31 AM
Hello All,

As airline pilot, I' ve been trained twice a year with extinguishers ,

On aircrafts, we have Halon type ones, because they are the most efficient for any type of fire but they need oxygen masks to be used.

For any engine fires, either , fuel is burning, or electric wiring.

NEVER use water extinguisher on electric fire, they must be stored close to places where no electric fire could start ( to avoid mistake )

If you have one water extinguisher on board , you MUST have another type like CO 2, foam or powder.

Foam or CO 2 are efficient on fuel fire .

Foam or powder for electric.

Remember one thing, a 5kg used in a wrong way is less efficient than a 1kg extinguisher well used.

A general battery shut down switch easy to manoeuver is more efficient than an extinguisher.

As we use hovercrafts on water, a floorcloth or beach towel plunged in water and thrown on an exhaust is often enough to stop fire at lower cost.

Fire safety is not the matter of extinguishers, it' s only TRAINING and knowledge.

Ask all your family how they react in case of fire at home, and you' ll have your responses.

Don' t store extinguisher too close from a could- be fire start point, you must be able to grab it when fire has yet started.

After checking all these points, you' ll admit that extinguisher type is not really the matter ( except water type ), but organizing safety controls.

Apart training, I stopped:

one kitchen fire with a floor cloth, one car fire with foam extinguisher, and several airplane fires, one with built- in extinguisher, two only by isolating fuel admittance, and one only by isolating electric suspected wiring.

FAST ( GOOD ) ANSWER is ZE key of success when fighting fire.

Be safe.


lazza - n/a
13-Mar-06, 09:40 AM
One car fire and several airplane fires ? that makes me feel safe think i'll take my chances in the car next vacation hehe http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif

hover_southwest - n/a
13-Mar-06, 02:29 PM
totally agree with Michel on the training aspect of fighting fire.

have had training for my "day job" in appropriate use, fire risk management etc, and appointed fire officer for work. this trainig has also stood me well in a few instances, the boat fire mentioned by me above a classic example! water to extiguish the bbq induced, heat transmitted to wood fire. Co2 into electric control panel where smoke was coming from, later found to be a a panel fault induced by sharp stop of craft = shorting!)

this boat user now has lots of safety equipment including 3 extinguishers plus a battery switch installed. so all turned out well for him in the end

team black - n/a
13-Mar-06, 04:52 PM
If you get dry powder, think about mounting it horizntally to stop the powder settling at one end. regularly give it a shake to keep the powder from forming a solid mass

Michel - n/a
13-Mar-06, 08:36 PM
Hello Larry,


car fire was not on mine, neither kitchen fire.

And several airplane fires in 30 years is not so much, considering part of my 18 000 hours of flight have been done as amazonian bush pilot , taxi pilot and ambulance.

Once, fire started during engine start up on ground, we were flying for a police rerouting survey above holidays roads, and the policeman seated on right was so frightened, he was unable to unlock his safety belt !

Roads will be more dangerous than sky for many and many years.


Raaaaahhh , luvit !

Nick Long - n/a
14-Mar-06, 10:39 AM

Roads will be more dangerous than sky for many and many years.

That's true. I get more frightened driving to and from the airfield than flying.

I've had one aircraft fire and two car fires. The aircraft one was an engine start up on the ground and easily put out with a Halon extinguisher. One car fire was a minor electrical fault on the next door car at a classic car show which I used another Halon on. The other car fire was stopped by disconnecting the battery. It was someone else's car but I just happened to have the right spanner on me.

Halon is very good but no longer available. I keep CO2 extinguishers in the workshop and the office - don't want the mess that powder makes. When it comes to using it, you don't want to be dithering about whether that small fire is worth the mess that powder or water will make or about what type of extinguisher to use; CO2 removes that problem, just use it.


Michel - n/a
14-Mar-06, 09:23 PM
You' re right Nick,

Halon is the most efficient of them all as it " sucks " oxygen from fire, but it destroys so much ozone, it has been banned except on aircrafts , because it needs to be used either outdoor, or with oxygen equipment on.

CO 2 is very versatile, like foam. For us, on hovercrafts, only water extinguisher is useless ( better use a floorcloth )

I have a 1kg powder extinguisher at opposite side of engine, on my car , 2 X 1kg : one in left door, second in rear compartment. In my flat : a 10 kg in corridor, a 2 kg in kitchen, and an escape rope on balcony.

An electric general switch is a good thing if you have a battery.

See you !