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keith_b - n/a
4-Apr-06, 10:44 AM

Got a tacho problem - any advice on this?

Rotax 503 with dual ignition, Falcon Tacho - cables = grey to ground.

1) Installed guage with small white cable clipped as per Falcom instructions for dual ignition engines. Got double count reading = 4000 at idle, off the scale with a bit of gas, returns to 4000 on idle. Concluded that small white cable should not be clipped after all and reconnected it.

With the small white cable connected I get:

2) Start engine, 4000 revs. With a bit of gas, goes off the scale as per 1) but this time it stays there and refuses to return to 4000 on idle.

Any ideas?



Sean Atterbury - n/a
4-Apr-06, 11:28 AM
Mine is wired the same, grey to tacho and tacho to ground the other.

Maybe it's broken, send it back for a new one.