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kevinf - n/a
13-Apr-06, 06:25 PM
Hi Folks

I have 2 CDI boxes for our new TZR 250, one is a 1KT model, the other is from a 2MA model. The wires on both are the same, except that the 1KT CDI has an additional red/black wire. Does anyone know what it is for? Can I use the two CDI's interchangeably? Is there an advantage from using one model rather than the other?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.



Barry Staples - n/a
15-Apr-06, 08:22 AM
Check that your crankcase is a TZR 250

The serial number should start with "M2".

The serial number is stamped on a flange near the front of the engine between the front carburetor and the flywheel.

You should use the "M2" CDI unit,

I believe the "KT1" unit is not compatible.

Good luck