View Full Version : Tzr carb problem

mick - n/a
23-Apr-06, 08:18 PM
Hi all, any idears on this one ,i have 1 bowl over filing ,difinatly not the inlet valve, i have replaced with new, it must be the float geting stuck ,any help very much apreciated.

tonybroad - n/a
23-Apr-06, 09:13 PM
they are prone to it mick

how's the fuel being delivered i.e. pump/gravity, although one carb is withstanding the pressure it doesn't mean the delivery is correct, just a good carb

could it be the valve seat if you've only replaced the little plunger attached to the float

hope you get it sorted


mick - n/a
23-Apr-06, 09:16 PM
Hi Tony,

Fuel is gravity fed, and i replaced the entire valve because of this problem, valves plus brass seat.

could the float catch the bowl somewear?

Paul Fitz - n/a
24-Apr-06, 12:25 AM
You do not say where it is flooding from, however :-

Remove the carb and float bowl, check that the drain screw (if fitted) is sealing correctly and that the gasket is intact, remove the floats and check that they are not punctured and partially full of fuel. Also check that they are parallel and level i.e not out of shape. Push the float pin through the tubular brass section of the fulcrum. It should be a loose fit. Befor refitting the float drop the float valve into the seat and give it a firm light tap to make sure it seats correctly. Refit the float making sure that the float pin is pushed fully home. Crimp it in if necessary with a pair of long nose pliers on the flat end (carefully). Ensure that the floats can move freely from side to side between the mountings

Holding the carb upside down the height from the face of the carb to the top of each bowl should be even and not less than 15mm. Attach a piece of fuel line to the inlet and gently blow through it to check that the valve is sealing. With the carb up the correct way check that the floats move freely.Reasemble the carb and float bowl.

It should not be possible for the floats to catch on anything over their normal range of travel. Let us know if this solves the problem or not.