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Brian G Reynolds - n/a
25-Apr-06, 11:22 PM

And yet another….

It seems to me that the poor chaps that volunteer to scrutineer the craft at the start of every weekends racing have a hard time of it!

They are asked to go here and there all at the same time, is there a way “we” can make it easier for them?

I assume drivers need to be with the craft when getting it checked? Or could you leave your paperwork with the craft and go and get these fine chaps a cuppa???

Once again, just a thought.


PS, could I be trained for this role as well?

I now know in order to get a bolt to stay put you need to, weld it, lock-tite it, lock-wire it, araldite it, use a spring washer and a ny-lock nut, and it will still come loose, fall out and go through your new fan blades!

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