View Full Version : Aluminium angle edging

tonybroad - n/a
5-May-06, 01:07 PM
any tips for fitting 1" aluminium angle edging around the perimiter of the hull, in particular the spacing of the slots to make it go around corners

thanks in advance


nickyd - n/a
5-May-06, 05:31 PM

Trial and error to get round the corners???........

One thing I will say is that make sure it's fixed down well and all the edges are as rounded as possible. I only say that because I have seen it come off craft in an accident and then you have this bent aluminium 'sword' sticking up in the air ready to impale an unsuspecting driver!!

I have seen some people attach it with their skirt fixing bolts.


hoverace - n/a
5-May-06, 07:02 PM
Never mind slots. Aneal the ally with oxy acet heater torch, slowly working along the length (do it in one 4m length and get a much stronger edge). Get it to near melt point but not too close. Let it cool to handling temp, then fix one end on the craft and work round, bending and fixing as you go. You've got about 20mins before it re-hardens (ie. it remains soft enough to bend/mallet even when cold).

Tony S.