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tonybroad - n/a
9-May-06, 09:59 AM
with a few events now passed please feel free to put pen to paper whilst they are all fresh in your minds - i'd appreciate any photos or accounts of the events

email to magazine@hovercraft.org.uk or post to the address in the contacts list



richardevans - n/a
9-May-06, 01:33 PM
What's the deadline again Tony ???

Richard E.

tonybroad - n/a
9-May-06, 02:30 PM
last week of this month at the latest if it's to make July's mag - i know i'm a bit early but thought i'd catch people why they were fresh

hope the move has gone/is going well do you have a new email address - will you be coming to gang warily for a watch !


PhoenixImaging - n/a
11-May-06, 04:48 AM
If you want to use any of the photos at http://www.phoeniximaging.co.uk/New/hovercraft.html (www.phoeniximaging.co.uk/New/hovercraft.html) for the magazine, let me know what size and I'll make them available to you in exchange for a picture credit in the magazine. Drop me an email via the site if you want any