View Full Version : Flight test video

srn4 - n/a
18-May-06, 10:26 PM
As promised; a video of the first proper flight test...

You can see how much difference it makes having two people in it!


Click on "flight chase lo lo q"



Nickinoue - n/a
19-May-06, 08:58 AM
Looks mint dunc,

U got alot of power to play with there, looks like it cud go pritty fast if u had the space.

U had a new try with the new rad position yet?


fishy_fish - n/a
20-May-06, 08:04 AM
does look good!

one of your rudders over centered at one point and kinda jammed.

that might be why your connection keeps breaking.

it dont look that high on the skirt tho! or is it supposed to be like that?