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Nickinoue - n/a
19-May-06, 05:37 PM

I am close to painting my craft and i was wondering if you could advise me on what type of paint you have found to be good?

My hull is marine ply and i also need to paint on a primer.

I was thinking of spraying the paint on, but as being a student i was looking for the cheapest option. Will those Earlex spray guns work? see:




srn4 - n/a
19-May-06, 07:25 PM
My craft is marine ply as well....

I tried a new type of paint designed for being painted onto steel bridges and oil rigs etc.... It is extreemly flexible once it is cured so will not crack as the wood flexes.

You can get it in any colour (minimum 5L). It comes in two parts and you simply mix it together.

With the right preperation it will be possible to get a very very nice high gloss surface if you use a roller....Getting it sprayed on of course would be better, but I used a roller!

The paint does not require an undercoat, just make sure you clean the wood first with the thinners provided.

The paint is called Jotun Hardtop Flexi and I highly recomend it!


Nickinoue - n/a
20-May-06, 05:04 PM
ill have a look at that, cheers dunc.

Is there any other paints people have used, is it mainly 2 part poly or epoxy or have people used water based or other type?


jar2 - n/a
20-May-06, 05:21 PM

I will admit to using B&Q cheapo gloss paint on the ply of my first craft - I couldn't wait till Monday to get decent paint! Use the undercoat first on bare wood then a couple of coats of gloss and leave it someplace dry for about four weeks to cure. Mine was painted 2 1/2 years ago and has spent a lot of time sitting outside and it's been fine (surprised me, I have to say!). I have the sneaking suspicion that all paints are essentially the same - the only real difference being the curing mechanism.