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ChrisSearle - n/a
6-Jun-06, 10:21 AM
Exhibiting Homebuilt & Model Craft:

Homebuilt craft.

Would the prolific homebuilders amongst you like to exhibit your craft and showcase your talent? I’m thinking of something similar as to how vintage and kit cars and bikes are displayed at so many summer fates. Maybe a few build diary pictures on a stand in front of your craft, beer tent within spitting distance, possibly compete for best craft / build quality, all before an adoring inquisitive public. I’m just throwing down ideas here. The craft need not be static all day. Basically your degree of event participation would be entirely up to you.

Model Hovercraft.

The same invitation extends to model hovercraft enthusiasts. Would you too like to display and demonstrate your craft?

If this does interest you then please say so. I have the ideal venue for this at Littlehampton but would have to gauge support for this quickly (before I meet with the Festival Chairman in a couple of weeks time). If you do wish to support this idea please indicate whether you would like to help organise such a venture. My contact details can be found on the Littlehampton event page.


Chris Searle

This area of beach has been offered to the HCGB for exclusive use during the Littlehampton Festival.


ChrisSearle - n/a
11-Jun-06, 07:57 AM
I’m going to open the floodgates to gauge support for displaying anything in a skirt…Bag, segmented, loop segmented…


Please note: I’m not changing the emphasis from the other event activities, it’s more that I’m trying to add another dynamic to it.