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tonybroad - n/a
6-Jun-06, 12:55 PM
i can't make my mind up on the mechanism to make my splitter variable

i've considered simple cables/guides, or morse cable but is there enough travel, or a solid rod/linkage

i'm looking for 6-8" of variation in height

what's worked for you ? i want to keep it simple, lightweight and reliable so pneumatics/hydraulics/springs/and certainly anything electrical are out

pic is of splitter profile which is curved downwards

thanks in advance


chrismdaly - n/a
6-Jun-06, 03:52 PM

Have you considered a sliding plate rather than a hinged one?

Nickinoue - n/a
6-Jun-06, 04:27 PM
What about more cable and a handbrake off a mini or summut, or is that not the question you were asking http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif .

has anybody ever thought of a cyclindrical splitter plate where a sectioned cylinder spins cupping more and more.



mick - n/a
7-Jun-06, 09:57 PM
I have been considering various options , the proble with a hinge unit in one direction you are fiting the thrus of the fan and in the other the fan wanting to open ofr close.

i like this idera of a cylindrical one, this would work well i think and would be easily sorted mechanically.

My other idera was to balance using springs but again quite dificult to set up.

tonybroad - n/a
8-Jun-06, 08:14 AM
Hi Mick

as i understand it the splitter will always be pushed up to it's highest position by the plenum pressure so there shouldn't be a need to counterbalance anything

i cut the splitter yesterday so there's no going back


jon_curtis - n/a
8-Jun-06, 05:33 PM
hi tony

the splitter will indeed be pushed upwards by the air off the fan

i use a morse cable to pull the front down.

also plates on the inside of the duct, which act as stops and also seal (ish) when fully up.

Thanks to the members of the east anglia club for showing me this in the past http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif lol.

if the morse cable fails the worst that can happen is i end up with loads of lift! so some kinda stop is a good idea.

below is a pic of the back of my craft, you can see the stop plate on the inside of the duct. and the brackets holding the morse cable, under the plate.index.php?t=getfile&id=260&private=0

Paul Fitz - n/a
8-Jun-06, 07:13 PM
The way you have drawn this it is totaly impractical for two reasons.

1) as the quadrant rotates the distance between the fan disk and the leading edge of the splitter alters too much.

2) as the quadrant rotates the underside of the quadrant will present an almost impossible air path to the lift air, absorbing large amounts of power.

With some thoughful design however a rotary device should be possible.