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richard - n/a
19-Jun-06, 12:40 PM
<font face="Arial">please help. dose any body know of a web site or info on this years rhone raid?[/COLOR]

ChrisC - n/a
19-Jun-06, 01:01 PM
Contact Keith Smallwood see the link for Vortex hovercraft. His wife Linda is organising the UK contingent.

Michel - n/a
19-Jun-06, 09:53 PM
Hullo Sailor !

Here is the link:


it' s our club link, look for " le raid "

in case of translation problem , ask me , or Fifi ( Keith ' s daughter ).

On the link , you' ll find pictures too.

On my album' s site too/


" hovercrafts in France " album.

The Raid is scheduled from saturday the 5 th till sunday the 13 th, less than 20 crafts are involved this year.

Departure from Saint Jean de Losne ( close to Dijon ) on Saone River, Arrival at Cruas on Rhone River .

" On the Rhone again "index.php?t=getfile&id=275&private=0index.php?t=getfile&id=276&private=0

FayS - n/a
20-Jun-06, 09:06 AM

Jean-claude has already sent the info to my mother, so if anyone would like a translated pack, just message/email me with your address and I'll get her to send one.

Here's looking forward to this year's week of brilliant insanity!!


Michel - n/a
20-Jun-06, 09:42 PM
Impatient to see you again, all " ze Petitbois family ".