View Full Version : Robin EC44 and maths

hovercad - n/a
9-Jul-06, 10:55 PM
Hello Again,

Trying to set up the max revs.

Using multiwing 9blade hub with 6 blades 850 duct.

Adjusted leading blade to what I thought was about 6000 backed pitch back then adjusted the trailing blade larger pitch.

Still looks like its running at 6k.

Havent got a rev counter and dont want to fallout with the neibourghs so having to go back every couple of days and try something else.

Im checking the revs with an osciloscope.

If ive got my maths right.

Ec44 wasted spark system so 2 sparks per rev.

Manual says max revs 7000.

So 7000/30 = 233.333333

1/233.3333 = 0.00428 s or 4.2ms

seems max I can get to is 5ms

any surgestions hope to be at claydon.