View Full Version : fan blade clearance

erbus - n/a
24-Jul-06, 10:08 PM
can anyone help?

what is a safe (not intrested about hi-performance just dont want things breaking) tip-duct gap and also splitter trailing edge gap.

the engine,gearbox and fan are all mounted on the same anti vib mounts so the fan has some movement...

any help appreciated


tonybroad - n/a
25-Jul-06, 07:09 AM
i reckon 10-13mm is a sensible clearance if you're not concerned about peformance, any more and you are throwing air away needlessley

any system that deflects more than that needs to be more rigid

splitter gap will benefit from being close, blades will deflect forwards under load and don't spring back noticably during deceleration - a 50mm gap is safe enough again without compromising things dramatically

this is just my opinion based on my experience others will differ - take what everyone says and then make your own mind up

good luck