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engbwray - n/a
8-Aug-06, 01:21 AM
Hi everyone,

As the title suggests I am looking in desperation for a donor or cheap engine & ancillary parts for a Eagle 1 hovercraft.

The engine is to go in a hovercraft that my Technology club will be building after the summer hols!

Something like a yamaha RD250, rotax 253, or similar would be great.

Many thanks for any help you might be able to provide.


PS I've got the duct/gearing so far - anything else would be more than welcome!

Nickinoue - n/a
8-Aug-06, 08:41 AM
Hi Ben,

If you want an easy to work with + understandable enginine, that requies non complicated mods i would go for the RD250LC, its not got alot of power and i doubt that it would make a competative racer but its taught me alot. Another option which is similar to the RD is the Yam TZR250 whichhas alot more power and can make a good racer, TZR's though have an added powervalve which basically boosts the performance by changing the exhaust (some one else can explain) but this requires more electronics and it sometimes can break down or brecome unreliable. You can pick the RD or TZR for the 250-300 mark.

Rotax are the most easy to obtain parts for but the engines themselves cost alot and so do the parts, what are you aims for the hover to do?

It also might be worth calling a few microlight hangers and repair places as they sometimes have the odd engine knocking about that they would give you for a great price and as these have a high pwr to weight ratio they are gr8 for hovers.

Good luck, i am also looking to do a similar project with my school http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif


engbwray - n/a
8-Aug-06, 04:09 PM
Thanks for a quick reply Nick.

My aim for the hovercraft is primarily teaching Technology (design & make skills, construction engine knowledge, flying skills ... that sort of thing to the kids.

In terms of the end result, it'd be nice to have a hovercraft that is capable of reasonable performance. (so if we chose to take it racing it would have a chance!) Although something which is capable of 30mph should keep the kids entertained.

Although I realise 250cc is the limit for F3, would a yamaha 350 engine be suitable? - as far as I can see it seems to be physically identical to the 250cc - just with larger cylinders - trying to increase my engine options.

Nick - you mentioned microlight hangers/repair places - do you know of any?

Still, any engine is better than none, so if anyone has something lurking in a shed or knows someone who has - please drop a message here.



Jeremy - n/a
8-Aug-06, 06:47 PM
Try Keith Worthington, at Eccleston Aviation, Chorley, Lancashire. His numbers are 01257 450908 or 453430.

He's got a small mountain of secondhand microlight engines of various flavours, but mainly Rotax. His prices are quite reasonable too, but will be a lot more expensive than converting an old bike engine I think.

There are a lot of old microlights lying around gathering dust, often with good engines. The real problem is finding them. I put a wanted ad on the microlight Yahoo group, saying I was after a complete old microlight for nothing and got the offer of three, all free, and all with reasonable engines. The key to this is being prepared to take the whole microlight and dispose of it, as that seemed to be the motive for people responding to my request!

Another option is to scribble a note to Microlight Flying magazine asking if they'll run an ad for you (although it'll cost about 13.00 for a 30 word advert). You can contact the magazine via www.pagefast.co.uk.

There are other advertising sites for aircraft that are popular, the best being Afors (www.afors.co.uk). If you post a "wanted, sc**p microlight ad" in the microlight section you might get a response.

The final alternative is to find a few microlight fields in your area (let me know exactly where you are and I can probably point you in the right direction) and go and ask. There are about 5000 microlights on the register, but only about 3,500 of them are airworthy and flying, so there are potentially quite a few gathering dust somewhere.

Hope this helps.


8-Aug-06, 07:18 PM
hi if your quick there is a yamaha fzr 250 for sale on ebay for 25 pounds (so far).It is four cylinder 4 stroke engine.I have raced this engine in 2002 in F3 and then transfered the engine to a one seat cruising craft which still runs very well dispite my close friends attemps to distroy it on the severn cruise this year.Any help with the set up or wiring diagram would not be a problem.This engine is still being used by Team Wilson in F3 for the worlds in France.

hovercad - n/a
8-Aug-06, 10:38 PM
hello my two peenies worth.(from a novice.)

If you are going to race there is a list of engines for new juniors.Once established there are procedure to use other engines.

This should be a factor in what engine you decide on if you consider racing.

Dont let that put you off though.

I had a drunken purchase of ebay.(hIc oops)

Participated in my first race.

The slowest thing apart from the beer tent but still a great experience.The race not the beer tent.

Then you get to understand the workings of a craft improving its performance.

Hope to be faster than a hedgehog next race.


engbwray - n/a
9-Aug-06, 06:35 PM
Hi folks,

Thanks for all the advice so far - it's been really useful, please keep any suggestions coming!

Jeremy, thanks for the microlight information (FYI I am located in Bury, Gtr Manchester). I spoke to Keith @ Eccleston Aviation, he only has the 447 Rotax, which is possibly too much (both money and power) for the kids to deal with!

I'm now joining the microlight yahoo group (mebership pending) and will post a request on there. BTW that looks like a fun hobby, might be our next project after the hovercraft!!

I'm going to post e-mail to ask many of the clubs I can find for any help too.

Chalk - thanks, but I couldn't find the advert on ebay anywhere - I'm guessing it must have ended, oh well.

Craig - thanks for that advice - I will look into the racing regs a bit more closely.

Anyone else got any more suggestions. I noticed Robin engines are also used as well as Rotax - would they be any good?

Please ask around - theres got to be a suitable engine not being used somewhere!

Thanks, Ben