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Pat Tobin - n/a
12-Aug-06, 09:07 AM
Hi all

Where is the best position to put the wheels on a hover trailer. The trailer I have has the hover with engine closest to the car. This seems wrong. I turned it around but there seems to be very little weight on the hitch even when the hover is all the way forward. I had heard about keeping about 20kgs weight on the hitch. Is this correct. Or should the wheels be under the engine.....the heaviest part.

Any comment welcome



david ryan - n/a
12-Aug-06, 01:30 PM
Hi, Pat.

My trailer, which I have hauled the length of GB and Ireland, has the wheels just foward of the craft engine, with the front (light) end towards the car.This has worked very well with both single and twin engined craft. You're right. You do not need a whole lot of pressure on the hitch itself.

jar2 - n/a
12-Aug-06, 04:26 PM

The trailer MSUT have hitch weight - depending on the trailer (and car spec) around 20 to 80Kg. The setup will be very unstable and dangerous without enough noseweight.

Just move the craft forward or backward to get the noseweight correct and it will be fine. Make the trailer as short as possible (with the hover as near the car as you can get it) and you will reduce the wind resistance of the hover - the car will shield the craft body to some degree.