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Russ Pullen - n/a
14-Aug-06, 02:35 PM
Following some discussions on this years raid, it seems that there's certainly a school of thought saying that the worlds are too frequent.

Cost seems to be the big issue, followed by problems getting time off from work. For me, the issue centers around the effect on other events in World Champ years, which always seem a little thin.

So, please cast a vote, i'm going to compose a proposal to the WHF suggesting four years would be more realistic ( i understand we're short of people fighting for 2008 and may end up in mombassa or somewhere!)

Football, the biggest sport in the world only hold the world cup every 4 years, would that be the right period for us? (one of the smallest sports in the world!)

I'b be really interested in any opinions you'd liek to air, but if not, just click the button that suits YOU best. Its compeltely anonymous!



Kipmac - n/a
15-Aug-06, 07:06 AM
With you all the way on this one Russ.

I have been singing this song for years.

Two years is much too disruptive to National calendars. I have long felt it dilutes attendance away from other events, especially when craft get locked up in trailers for up to 6 weeks before and after the event.

I know the Worlds are rightly very popular but how many of us can afford the time and the money every 2 years.

We all have many other priorities in life.


TonyGoldney - n/a
15-Aug-06, 05:58 PM
My opinion is leave it as it is

We are fortunate in the UK that we have plenty of race meetings to get involved in, but other contries do not have this luxury, so would it be worth there while building a competitive craft for an event that comes around once every 3 or 4 years? no it wouldn`t.

This would lead to some of the less represented countries not attending, this would then devalue it as being a true WORLD event, this would then cause people like myself not to bother.

I`m not saying the world championship should be more often than now but to attract people to compete you need more events not less, the parallel to this is when a British branch stops having a race meeting in their area the branch membership drops rapidly, as happened with the Chilterns branch until we got Claydon, now we regularly have 18-20 members every meeting.

To safguard the diverse entrants to the world, please leave it as it is.

Tony Goldney

Russ Pullen - n/a
16-Aug-06, 02:56 PM
Good points Tony, but playing devils advocate, the flip side is that as the majority of Worlds are held in europe, it must be a worse strain on the aussies/americans etc to get across the pond or halfway round the world every two years. Maybe if it were les sfrequent, there would be more able to afford it?

Just thinking aloud but as i write this, the majority certainly seems to feel 3 or four years is more desirable (not that 20 odd votes is a true opinion!)

Come on folks, 200 odd members, 20 votes!

chrismdaly - n/a
16-Aug-06, 03:13 PM
Increasing the space between World Championships will

affect juniors, since they will only have one chance of racing on the world circuit before they are too old.

How much difference is there in the cost of going to the Worlds compared to any other good holiday?

Will there be the danger if isolation of enthusiasts since we shall only meet at longer time intervals if the present situation is changed?

Russ Pullen - n/a
16-Aug-06, 03:37 PM
You've still got Nationals and European championships.....

Kipmac - n/a
16-Aug-06, 07:17 PM
Precisely!! It costs as much,if not more than a good family holiday. So every 2 years. Sorry kids we are going to the Worlds. Repeat, A question of family priorities.


chrismdaly - n/a
16-Aug-06, 10:15 PM
I may well have a difference of opinion because the whole of my family are involved in this sport.

tonybroad - n/a
17-Aug-06, 02:21 PM
perhaps we should all grasp reality and think ourselves lucky that we can freely participate and travel to each others part of the world without enemy rockets or mortar fire raining down on us

if it costs a bit - so what, you only live once and you've got two years to pay it back

just my opinion


12-Jun-09, 06:56 AM
The costs thing for the long distance people could be helped by holding it in europe every time (tried and tested courses, tried & tested organisation, and where the majority of racers are already located), but charge a higher entry fee to all the european entrants (by which I mean a few hundred pounds - nothing on the cost of owning & running a craft). Then use this money to subsidise getting the non-europeans accross.

However, I still vote for 4 yearly. Make it mean more, make it less likely that we run out of sites, volunteers etc, and give more time to raise the funds to run the event etc.....


15-Jun-09, 06:53 AM
its amazing that people dont realize that the worlds trip is a holiday every other year to most of the club members who make the trip so leave alone i say........

scott tilley
15-Jun-09, 04:22 PM
Agree totally, leave it alone. Every two years is good if you don't want to go every two years you could still go every four. Best of both worlds. :)

Bob Rennick
15-Jun-09, 06:51 PM
Wise words, Scott.

This proposal seems to arise after every WHC. I find it interesting how the reason is often given that "it's better for the overseas competitors as it's so expensive" yet nobody bothers to ask their opinion. My own personal poll result is that they'd prefer to leave it as is. Yes, it is expensive. However, you may recall that in 2000 there was a 3-year gap. What was found was that there also ensued a larger performance gap between European and non-Europeans. We just don't get the same amount of competition in as you 'more fortunates'! Therefore, in spite of the cost, it is better to leave it as every 2-years. Otherwise, interest from overseas competitors will wane and we will no longer have a 'World' Championship.


16-Jun-09, 10:52 PM
lets have it right! if your a petrol head youll do what it takes, i mean if you only went every four years would you be saving the money up for the worlds???? na, youd of spent it on a trip to ikea cause the misses has spotted the extra cash. two years is the max a petrol head could stick
it out,, and please dont compare it to football...... how lame different budget defferent sport no comparison... and the vote must be a sham as
i bet most of the voters are in the uk.... a vote like this must be open to world hovercrafters not hcgb members (i know a FEW overseas members
are members). really would of like to have seen more overseas input in this topic..... would like to see this poll in the general forum, i know it would not be 100% but just lets see.???? modders???
maybe keith oakley could let the usa team know about this topic. hope it works out this weekend keith and we get live feed in the evenings fingers crossed.

Jon Pert
17-Jun-09, 08:29 AM
Can I just point out that this is an old thread from the old bulletin board that had been forgotten about until someone found it. The thread was started on 14 August 2006 and the last comment until it was resurrected was made on 17 August 2006 (the dates are for all to see). Also the fact that the username has a N/A after their name shows it was a username used on the old bulletin board.

All bar probably one or two votes are from when the thread was started in 2006 on the old board that was, if you remember, open to the whole world not just HCGB members. The poll was closed when the thread got resurrected last week, because as you quite rightly say, it would not be very accurate as it is only viewable to HCGB members and it's 3 years old!

It was put in the racing forum when the old Bulletin Board content was brought over to this one.

I agree that it should be in the General forum and I will move it there for continued debate but the poll is shut as it could be quite misleading as the votes are 3 years old and may not really be representative of todays membership/opinions! If you want to make a new poll in the General forum then please go ahead, or alternatively you could make a thread on the ever popular WHF bulletin board. :)

17-Jun-09, 11:05 AM
or alternatively you could make a thread on the ever popular WHF bulletin board. :):p lol

Jon Pert
17-Jun-09, 11:22 AM
Okay, the poll has been cleared of 3 year old results.

Lets get a snapshot of the current view, get voting!!!

18-Jun-09, 10:19 PM
nice work perty, :cool:

Jon Pert
19-Jun-09, 10:14 AM
nice work perty, :cool:

There for you! :lol:

Broni Black
20-Jun-09, 10:28 AM
This probably sounds like a very selfish view.. And I hope it doesn't come across like that. But I am just thinking about this from a Junior cases with age. I can understand the view of things like money. But to be Junior Champion we only have a certain amount of years to become champion. So say if we start from 11 years old, you may have a championship that year, you would not have a very good chance of becoming Champion, as you would be inexperianced and probably not have a very fast craft. So just plodding along. But you would have a chance when you were 15. But if you had a world Champs when you were 12, in four years you would be 16, therefore you would not have another shot as you have to be 15 at the latest. :)

So.. I voted keep the same, as it is a tradition. But I equally wouldn't mind every three. But then that is just my view. I have no idea about the money involved in the travelling, and the hastle to do it, and sort it out.

(P.S sorry about spelling mistakes. I am still learning. :) )

Jon Pert
20-Jun-09, 10:34 AM
Very good point Broni.

20-Jun-09, 11:07 AM

Brillian Broni - you obviously think carefully as you write - and if you can learn to spell while at school well done - most teachers I know can't spell (or know whether caterpillars have antennae [had to look that one up ;)]!)

love from

Learning Support

6-Jul-09, 05:37 PM
OK- here's a view from the west side of the Pond.........
I spent approx. $12,000 USD (~7,500 GBP) for my family to attend and participate in Berlin WHC 2004. This included everything including the shipment of the craft.

Even though I am a professional engineer in the aerospace industry, I can not afford to spend that amount every two years, or even four. We attended/ participated in Weston Park WHC 1991 also, but we consider both of those trips as "holidays of a lifetime" (and they were).

Keep it every 2 years but know that many of us simply cannot afford to attend, even though we would love to. Now throw in kid's college and our world economy and it gets even more difficult.

Terry Chapman

Bob Rennick
6-Jul-09, 07:22 PM

It's important to stress the point that you used the WHC as the focal point for a familiy vacation: hence the higher cost. I recall you telling me of the many other things you did. When I did the WHC in Berlin, I did the WHC & visiting Berlin. Period. I spent a *LOT* less than you. I didn't bring my family/rent a motor home/drive around Europe.

My point being, if you just limited yourself to the racing & the racing week, would it not be easier on the wallet? I'm not saying you shouldn't make it a 'vacation of a lifetime'. It's just that, doing it your way, makes it more impossible and we start comparing apples & oranges.


6-Jul-09, 08:03 PM
terry you maybe lucky to afford the next worlds as we appear to be on faff com 10 and still no word on when or were the next worlds is! book your self a seat at the olympics in 2012 GB theres a chance that will happen as its tax payers money! those who cant get seats maybe able to see hovercraft racing!
regards charlie,