View Full Version : Nylon screws ?

hovercad - n/a
24-Aug-06, 07:10 PM
Hello all

This may seem a stupid question.

Is the reason people use nylon screws and nuts to secure skirt segments just as a weight saving thing.

With all thats going on with oil prices its cheaper to buy stainless steel than nylon by the looks of it.

Or is the ideal that the nylon screw would break before the hull if the skirt was caught by something.(in the event the skirt doesnt rip first.)


andycollins - n/a
24-Aug-06, 08:42 PM
Hi Craig,

It's a weight issue. The skirt will rip every time. I'd say pay the extra. You'll be suprised just how much 100 odd stainless bolts weigh.



hovercad - n/a
25-Aug-06, 08:48 AM
Hello Andy,

Thanks for the reply.

I thought it would have been the weight issue.

I was going to replace the screws as some of them are a bit distorted so decided just to replace the knackered ones.

Im now off to fit the skirt.