View Full Version : Newbie needs advice: Question about engines/weight

sstainba - n/a
12-Sep-06, 07:07 PM
I'm about to build my first craft. I ordered the plans from Universal Hovercraft. For the first one, I'm going for the UH-10F (www.hovercraft.com/content/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=33_40&zenid=17ebb61695fe383946d3c0459d87bd4f). According to the plans, they suggest a 10-15 horsepower engine, less than 65lbs (29.5kg). My father has a 19HP V-twin engine that I can have, but I'm concerned about the power and weight being too much. Can anyone give me some advice on this?

jar2 - n/a
12-Sep-06, 09:23 PM

I wouldn't recommend using that engine on such a small craft due to the additional weight (at least 30lbs). Hovercraft (even quite big ones) are very sensitive to weight - less is always better! If you have the engine cost free then it may be worth looking at the larger UH craft that could take that engine (a 13P or 14P or even some of the Sevtec designs, Scout or Vanguard) - the extra build costs are likely to be small.