View Full Version : success at last....

erbus - n/a
16-Sep-06, 10:16 PM
....after the blade angle change it runs a dream, it still has weak lift on grass but have found a skirt problem causing that.

its a beaut on water - seems to get over the hump very well, is it generally easier to control them on land or water? and which is the easier for the craft to operate on?

anyway my reason for post is the exhaust manifold has now cracked, it was pretty shot anyway....does anyone know of an outfit the manufactures stainless manifold/exhausts?

thanks for everyones help getting the thing going relatively properly ... just one more hull split and it should be perfect, maybe.

thanks again


son of sadam - n/a
17-Sep-06, 04:30 PM
hello mate is the craft a dragonfly with 430cc cuyuna engine,it looks like my old craft mate i sold

erbus - n/a
17-Sep-06, 05:23 PM
yes it is as you describe, if you know any more history it would be nice to know. i believe somone had it for a long time on loch ness but not entirely sure.

although it 'sort of' looked ok and 'sort of' went ok when i got it there turned out to be quite a lot wrong. its looking a lot better now though, except the manifold is now broke!