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Barry Staples - n/a
25-Sep-06, 10:56 AM
The following is my letter to the Competitions Committe about Double Points for the last meeting.

E-mail your own comments direct to Gayle Spedding regarding your views. There is a time limit of 3 days after the last event to submit your views.

My letter was

Racing Points System

Since my letter of 21st September on this issue, we have had the last meeting at Jakes Place. The meeting was very well supported as Jakes Place is a very popular venue, and I believe the high attendance was not due to double points being awarded. I think all those that came would have come regardless of the double points incentive.

Awarding Double Points for the last meeting of the season in an attempt to ensure that all drives attend skews the results in other ways. An unexpected end of season engine mishap can undo a season of hard racing, and this actually happened to me. I had a simple problem in the 3rd race when the throttle cable nipple pulled off and the cable broke on the first lap. The double loss of points was extremely hard hitting and dropped me 30 points for just one race. When you consider that during the year you fight for a single point advantage over a competitor, it is heart breaking to suffer such a dramatic loss of points. In my case this did not effect the seasons results but it could well have done so. Any error in driving or damage to the craft is disproportionally exaggerated. It is not necessary to have such a draconian measure to encourage drivers to attend the last meeting. The number of drivers who have stayed away from the last meeting simply because they already have enough points have been very few. Indeed this year Dan Turnbull did not race in F1 as he had already won F1, but this actually gave other F1 drivers a chance to pick up some silverware… Should the points system be skewed in order to influence just one or two drivers?

The last meeting has been traditionally a fun meeting, where drivers have swapped craft, tried new things and generally enjoyed themselves.

I urge the Competitions committee to rethink this proposal and to take note of what is said on the Bulletin Board, as it does reflect the strength of feeling in the club although it is not an official channel of communication.

It’s much more important to encourage more drivers to compete. A simple 5 points for any driver that makes it to the start of any race for an event might help to do this.

The revised system for next year of apportioning points on the events results does not reflect the extra effort required to attend a 3-day event, and this should be accounted for.

The limit of 3 days after the last meeting to submit comments to the competitions committee is far too tight. Many drivers have not even recovered from getting home from the last event. Most will not put their thoughts in writing until at least the following weekend. We should have at least 3 weeks after the last event – after all what’s the rush!.

Barry Staples

Nick Long - n/a
25-Sep-06, 12:32 PM
Well said, Barry, I agree with the points you are making.

It may be that this idea of encouraging drivers to attend meetings is what is influencing things. If that's the case, then let's be straightforward and direct about and give them a proper incentive. Although why it requires an incentive to make a bunch of nutters do something crazy beats me.

Anyway, if the club is determined to reward people for doing something they want to do, than let's set about it in a way that benefits all and truly delivers the objective.

I hear there is also a problem with a shortage of driver numbers, and we can solve this one too at the same time. All we need is a simple system of start money. It goes like this. At that start of the season, each driver has to pay a sum for his race number. We make this sum more than enough to cover the insurance fees for all the races of the season. That in itself will discourage people from taking out unnecessary numbers and will encourage them to turn up to races. But we can go even further and then issue start money. Instead of paying to go to a race meeting, each driver is paid for turning up. For instance - each time you make it to the grid with a working craft you get a cashback of, say, 5.

The system can be extended and modified. For instance, if we still want to incentivise the last meeting, we could offer double start money. We could offer double start money for people travelling a long way, etc, etc. The beauty of this is that it we can tailor the incentives without warping the scoring system.


tonybroad - n/a
25-Sep-06, 03:46 PM
This will be my letter to Comps, i understand this is not the official place to air such views but i'm not bothered who reads my letter. Barry and I spoke of this matter at Black Ditch and were both of the same opinion so for neither of us is this a knee-jerk reaction to the weekends results.

To the Competitions Committee

Firstly I would like to convey my thanks to the Committee for the work they do and the time they dedicate in trying to make racing better and safer for the club.

However, I would like to convey my concerns about the ‘Double Points’ for the last round rule.

I understand the motive for the ruling is to attract drivers to the last meeting of the season and make it so championship positions are not secured well before the end of the season.

I feel that this rule is unfair and may lead to the skewing of results for the Championship. A driver or team who have consistently shown good form all year and thus deserving of a title/position may have their crucial position in the championship eroded through some bad luck or their oppositions good fortune at the last event.

In response I would like to suggest the following:

To attract drivers to the last meeting of the year make it a central location, I believe Jakes Place would have been as well attended this year without the ruling. In previous years the last venue has been Black Ditch, which for most people is a longer distance to travel.

The new points scoring system for next year is good and makes sense. Dominant drivers will have less chance to become ‘uncatchable’ and it will make championship positions close all year which leads to good racing and attendance. But with the double points rule added, it will have an even more damaging and skewing effect on the Championship.

I hope you see my concerns and suggestions as constructive and not a criticism.

I welcome your comments.

charfont - n/a
25-Sep-06, 03:56 PM
barry, you could also run a poll on the forum too, see if this helps your case, craft wise the turn out was no more than claydon and that venue didnt have double points. just food for your thoughts.

regards charlie

chrismdaly - n/a
25-Sep-06, 05:02 PM
I agree with Barry's points. Do drivers need points incentives to attend a race meeting? Through injury, I could not compete on the Sunday at Jake's which could have potentially lost me 80 points ( if I was really quick). That could have been a big difference in my final placing.

The two incentives that might affect attendance at a race meeting are either monetary or pleasure. If the either is altered it can deter or attract with far more impact than the distortion of a set of points.

tonybroad - n/a
25-Sep-06, 09:09 PM
i've spotted a casualty

Broni Black would have taken 5th in the Junior Chamionship over my daughter Laura if not for the double points ruling, without the ruling she would have been 13 points clear of Laura, the top 4 would have remained unaltered. Double Points Fair ? - ask Broni


chrismdaly - n/a
25-Sep-06, 09:15 PM

I am another points casualty. Team Older and Bolder overtook me due to double points.

david ryan - n/a
25-Sep-06, 10:34 PM
All I can say is: e-mail comps now. And don't forget the points per meeting instead of points per race. The more people that voicethier opinion now the better the chance of doing away with this system.

david ryan - n/a
25-Sep-06, 10:45 PM
I've just tried to e-mail comps and had it returned as not delivered. Has anyone got the correct address?

chrismdaly - n/a
26-Sep-06, 05:25 AM