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Nick Long - n/a
27-Sep-06, 04:47 PM
For Sale

F3 Racing Hovercraft

BBV Hull with shaft drive. Yamaha TZR250 engine driving rear thrust fan and front lift fan.

Craft has raced in the UK as number 121 for the last two years.

Won World Junior Championship in 2004.

2nd in F3 World Championship 2006.

2nd in UK Open Championship 2006.

Originally built by Reg and Dan Turnbull in 2003, and modified and developed by my son Tom and I. Craft has specially developed anti-plough in skirt system and improved steering.

Probably the fastest craft in the world with this engine. To see how it compares with a range of other craft, see the HCGB Open Championships and Keith Oakley's laptime tables. It only gets beaten by craft with twice the engine power.

Picture available at: (

2,500 for the craft

3,500 for the craft, spares and trailer with toolbox.

Spares include:

Complete engine, hoverised and ready to drop in

All my TZR250 spares; 4 carbs, at least one complete set of electrics, power valves, power valve controllers, power valve servos, pistons, 2 barrels, gaskets, etc.

Spare skirt sections,

Spare duct sections.

New: Special Ready to Race Offer. Craft will be supplied updated to meet the new 2007 Construction Regulations.

Nick Long

+44 7760 176 116

nick at gcd dot co dot uk

tonybroad - n/a
29-Sep-06, 01:25 PM
Re: Probably the fastest TZR in the world

you don't drink Carlsberg do you Nick ?

Nick Long - n/a
8-Dec-06, 10:11 AM
Probably not.

Anyway, I'm back in the UK now (spent the last 4 months in Austria, not drinking Carlsberg). So if anyone wants to see the craft, give me a call or email.


Nick Long - n/a
21-Feb-07, 03:52 PM
Updated. See top posting