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kevthehover - n/a
6-Oct-06, 05:22 PM

Could anyone help me with the following? I have a B&S 22HP 4 stoke V twin with an upgrade to, i belive 30HP the problem is i have to much compression so i have to rock the starter key to get it to turn,or pull the pull start which is vey tight because of compression any advice would be appreciated.Also which wire on the engine/ingition key do i need to use for the lanyard switch colour coded answers might be helpfull as im not an electrician. I thank you in advance for any answers you may have.

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jar2 - n/a
6-Oct-06, 06:21 PM
Hi Kev,

A couple of suggestions:

Check it hasn't been overfilled with oil

Maybe the decompressor isn't working - you'll never be able to pull start it if it isn't working properly (I've never actually seen a modern V twin with a pull start at all - where did you get it from?).

What model is it? Who did the performance upgrade?

The kill wire is usually green from the engine (you ground it to stop the engine) but you really need to check with your supplier as to the exact model before making assumptions!

Jeremy - n/a
7-Oct-06, 10:01 AM
If you don't mind me asking, where did the engine come from?

If it came from the US, in particular from a kart engine tuning company, then the compression ratio may well be sky high (mine was!).

Having suffered blown head gaskets and a few other build quality related problems after just a few hours running on a test stand, I've opted to rebuild mine, properly.

It's an ongoing job, as I plan to get the engine sorted over the winter. Hopefully I'll get mine to run on ordinary unleaded fuel, rather than 100LL aviation fuel (which is the only thing it will use without pinking at the moment!).

There is a heavy duty starter motor available, I know mine supposedly has it fitted. If you let us know the part number of your starter I can check it against mine and let you know if they are different.


kevthehover - n/a
9-Oct-06, 08:53 PM

The serial no on the starter is:

812 101 211 06 12v INT

Torque Max LG 38in lbs

Also this is not a high performance tuned engine by the kart co of America its just a standard B&S with a 10HP upgrade.

I hope that this is what you are looking for.

Kind regards


Vortex - n/a
11-Oct-06, 10:15 PM
Hi there,

Give me a call during the day or early evening, I do a lot of B&S development (for B&S as well as hovercraft).

0779 3807073


Vortex Services

ugglas - n/a
15-Oct-06, 06:26 PM

What kind of modifications is made to get more power from a B&S?

I am not asking for a specific type or modell, just wondering in general.

Does it include carburator change, higher compression, change of camshaft?

A have a couple of old B&S that is lying around that is not worth much, I would not care much if a breakdown from a overload would happend. I just tought it would be interesting to fiddle with.

Jeremy - n/a
16-Oct-06, 09:36 AM
Sorry for the delay, it's taken me a while to get around to digging the engine out to take a look. The starter on mine is a fairly big Denso one, with two numbers on it. The part number looks to be 228000 8020, but there's also another number stamped on the plate: 808498. I'm guessing that one of these is the Denso part number and the other is the Briggs and Stratton number.

It is a high torque starter, according to the engine spec I have, but I don't have details of exactly what the torque is. It has no problem turning over my engine with it's ridiculaously high compression ratio though! (my engine is supposedly tuned to deliver 40hp at 5,200rpm, according to the spec.).

As to tuning parts, these seem to be available in the US, but I never managed to pin down detailed prices for them. In the end, I opted to buy a ready built tuned engine, but that has been a mistake.

My engine has high lift roller rockers, a high compression ratio, billet alloy rods (deemed essential, apparently) and a cam with more overlap than standard. It has the twin choke carb fitted, with a K&N filter, but I don't know what mods have been done to the ports etc. The valve sizes seem to be standard, but a friend who put one of these on a flow bench reckoned there was no gain to be had from fitting bigger valves anyway.

I would be interested to hear of a source of tuning spares for these engines, especially if they have been shown to be reliable.

kevthehover - n/a
25-Oct-06, 07:50 AM
Thanks to all who have replied to my message and for all your help and advice Kieth.

Kind regards