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david ryan - n/a
21-Oct-06, 03:58 PM
Thought you might be interested in this. The Carphone Warehouse is selling Garmin i3 sat nav systems @200.00 (135). They are not the most sophicated in the world but they do what they say on the can. They are preloaded with maps of Ireland and Britain.Good value.

21-Oct-06, 06:41 PM
and take a look at the

SP150 Smartphone MD95282

http://www.medion.co.uk/ (www.medion.co.uk/)

tonybroad - n/a
22-Oct-06, 09:12 AM
Big road Map of GB and Ireland 2.99 at your local petrol station - thats 97.8% cheaper !!

and asking for directions when you get close is free !!!


keith rhodes - n/a
22-Oct-06, 09:45 AM
yes they are quite simple to use. graphics for road display are amongst the best. i have an expensive trackstar system in my evo for insurance requirements but it's not as good as these.i find them very good for our engineers who we send all over the uk with one in their vans. asda in nottingham was selling them last year for 139.00 and we fitted out everyone with them. reliable and cheap- saves lots of engineers down time when searching for locations.and you don't have to map read and drive at the same time.

i would recommend this product.

david ryan - n/a
22-Oct-06, 03:42 PM
You're right, Tony. However, try leaving Holyhead at 12.30 in the morning and driving across Wales and England in the dark on your own. Map reading becomes a bit of a problem at this stage. I always seem to get lost at some stage. I'll probably still get lost but at least this will help to get me back on track.