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phildabeast - n/a
22-Oct-06, 09:17 PM
Hi All

I've been offered an Osprey 3 hovercraft for sale. It looks like the right sort of thing for me to commute/cruise with, but can't find any info on them on google. http://home.btclick.com/marie.trussler/ has the 1 and the 5, but no mention of 3. I'm told it'd need a new skirt, possibly new engine/radiator. it apparently has a nissan micra engine in it at the moment. I've no idea as to the value of second hand hovercraft is. If I was to need a new engine, skirt etc how much would I be looking at? What would the engine of choice be for quietness?

what should I be paying for a second hand 3-4 seat cruiser? Where do I look for comparison?

Soo many questions!

Russ Pullen - n/a
24-Oct-06, 03:58 PM
Post a piccy then - might be my old one!


kach22i - n/a
24-Oct-06, 04:56 PM
I think data on the size would help you more. They all look the same to me.



Is this a "3"? It's from a "Paul3"

http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/gallery2/v/cruising/paul3.jpg.h (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/gallery2/v/cruising/paul3.jpg.html) tml


GavinParson - n/a
25-Oct-06, 06:11 AM
Yes, that's an Osprey 3. I took that picture.

Tragically that craft, in perfect condition, has sat in Paul Turvers garage unused for the last 11 years http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_cry.gif

hover t - n/a
26-Oct-06, 05:45 PM

Osprey shut down last year at some point so you cant buy a new

one, the osprey 3 is basicaly a streached osprey 1

A friend had a osprey3,it seemed to do the job ok but had high running costs due to the rotax 2 stroke engine plus it was not

the most relable hover i have seen

It would be nice if someone who owned one could post a reply

before you go out + waste your cash on something that may not

work properly

I thought being in a club ment shareing information!


phildabeast - n/a
26-Oct-06, 07:28 PM
Thanks to all who posted and PM'd

I was being quoted rather alot of money for this Opsrey3, so decided to walk away. Too much investment needed for an old craft that by some opinion was never too great. I think I'm after a craft with separate lift/thrust - so I can run a thrust propellor for quietness!

hovmart - n/a
27-Oct-06, 02:42 PM
you are wrong, the 3 was built from scratch and then was streched to make the mk 1 5 seater it was a great craft and must have been fitted with the rotax by some one else as they all had reliant four stroke engins in when they left osprey

hover t - n/a
27-Oct-06, 04:23 PM
OK I stand corrected, the osprey 3 I was refering to is this oneindex.php?t=getfile&id=475&private=0

from memory it was 6.5 feet wide and around 12feet long +4 men could lift it onto the trailer

My Osprey 5 mk11 is 7.5 feet wide +16feet long and weighs in at just under half a ton,

I was only going on information that the owner gave me.


hovmart - n/a
27-Oct-06, 05:48 PM
thats a streched osprey 1 not the 3 just to set the record straight, its looks to be very much like the flying fish

Russ Pullen - n/a
27-Oct-06, 05:49 PM
My dad and I owned a three in a variety of different guises.

Originally we went with the croppy blaady reliant engine (the worlds most inappropriate name for anything, ever)- blew abot two dozen of them up (42bhp, 900lb of hover, it was screaming its rediculous little 3 bearing crank off)

Then tried a Fiat 1300 SOHC 65bhp great engine, too heavy, too revvy. Went well when you wound it up tho.

Then we went to an alloy Nissan 1 litre, 52bhp ish. Bought a recon, blew up first time out. Got the warranty one and it worked okayish. Eventually chain drove it which worked well, tho a bit noisy, still slow.

Painted it blue and sold it to (if memory serves) a lobster fisherman (is that possible) from way oop north somewhere, where it's bleak.

The three was an odd animal, pretty heavy, needed 80bhp to make it work well (another one crying out for a BMW bike engine i guess) but never worked all that brilliantly with what was available/specified at the time and that little 900mm duct. Pauls one above was the best one ever built, with a tuned Reliant (probably 55bhp ish) and even that only JUST managed with three people aboard. Overall, i'd say that the ones i been in have been too big to be fun, given the weight and doughy handling, and too small to achieve anything more than a decent F25.

Overall, we had some good times and dodgy breakdowns in it, but we learned a hell of a lot!

The five seemed/seems to make more sense with a biger footprint/bigger duct and much more powerful engine.

Both look really well presented and professional and float well making them good coastal craft.



hovmart - n/a
27-Oct-06, 05:58 PM
had water skier up behind mine, 2 up on weir of great repect and carried three many times with the suzki engine 65hp so did lots of miles in france and lots of rides was a great craft allways floated on problem, lot better than some

GavinParson - n/a
27-Oct-06, 06:07 PM
Could the one with a Nissan be Lindsay Gatwards old craft? It was yellow and had a Micra engine.

I still think the 3 was one of the best craft. I agree with Russ that it was crying out for a better engine than was available at the time. I reckon the K75 would work well in that hull.

Russ Pullen - n/a
27-Oct-06, 06:31 PM
What happened to your one Martin?

hover t - n/a
27-Oct-06, 07:01 PM
Thanks for clearing that one up for me

I never questioned the info I was given http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_redface.gif

What size was the osprey 3 hull? It must have been ok if you could tow a skier.


jon_curtis - n/a
27-Oct-06, 07:43 PM
looks like a flying fish! now why would that be?

hovmart - n/a
27-Oct-06, 08:45 PM
russ you bought one of mine and the yellow one went to blackpool

hovmart - n/a
27-Oct-06, 08:50 PM
the flying fish started of being an osprey 1 before mods.

GavinParson - n/a
28-Oct-06, 09:25 AM
13' x 7'

hovmart - n/a
28-Oct-06, 03:24 PM

hover t - n/a
28-Oct-06, 03:50 PM
Did the reverse thrust control system work well


hovmart - n/a
28-Oct-06, 06:04 PM
no was only good to allow you to go down wind faster so was not used by most craft

kach22i - n/a
30-Oct-06, 04:07 PM
Strange second outer foil-like duct over the main inner duct.

Is that part of the braking system?

Seems like it could act as winglets to help stabilize the craft in cross-winds.

Russ Pullen - n/a
30-Oct-06, 10:36 PM
Yes, it held the horizontal flaps that closed off the thrust air.

Oh, and it looked pretty. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

machineage - n/a
31-Oct-06, 07:29 PM
Looks like one found it's way over to Pennsylvania!


Derek Sweetman - n/a
31-Oct-06, 09:53 PM
Hi Chris,

I think thats the Scat 4 which was originally built by Osprey who first built the original Scat craft which was first known as the Peewit.

The family resemblence continues which is why it is similar looking but bigger than the Osprey 3.

Once the mould was made it was exported to Scat in the USA.

There was perhaps only 2 or 3 of those which stayed in the U.K.

One of which was heavily modded with separate rear mounted lift fan and Ivo propeller (well ahead of its time!) and exported when its owner emigrated to the USA.

Gavin had one and tried a number of different engines and probably has pictures.

I have just started to list craft which Osprey have designed and built its at least 14 probably more and thats not including spinoffs!

Derek Sweetman

Russ Pullen - n/a
1-Nov-06, 08:38 AM
<font face="Arial"><font color="orangered"><font size="7">*********** WHOOOOOP! WHOOOOP" *************



hovercad - n/a
1-Nov-06, 11:21 AM
OMG the last time I heard that expression was from my ex wife every time I tried do anything hovercraft.For over six years.

Its ok now.I can clean carbs etc in the warmth of the kitchen rather than a bowl in the back garden.

Traded in OLD wife for OLD craft.

Neither of them worked but at least the craft is getting there. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif


PS Any wife material please contact me.

The kids havent had a decent meal for ages and their fed up of watching daddy play with a skirt.

kach22i - n/a
1-Nov-06, 12:23 PM
Hi Chris,

I think thats the Scat 4 which

Not a Scat design that I'm familiar with, then again I have not heard of the other craft you mentioned either.

hovmart - n/a
1-Nov-06, 05:56 PM
all this osprey information could be got from Kip as he was building them all over the years, http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif

GavinParson - n/a
1-Nov-06, 08:45 PM
Nah, it's not a Scat 4. Mine had a squared off front with a raised lip all around. That video looks like an Osprey 5 Mk1.

hover t - n/a
1-Nov-06, 11:12 PM
Two Osprey 5 Rescues On Sea Trails


Russ Pullen - n/a
2-Nov-06, 08:40 AM
Nah, it's not a Scat 4. Mine had a squared off front with a raised lip all around. That video looks like an Osprey 5 Mk1.

<font color="orangered"><font size="7">NOOOOOOOOO! THEY'RE BREEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR][/COLOR]

hovmart - n/a
2-Nov-06, 02:37 PM
mine had 80 p clips as aposed to the 75 p clip vesion

Kipmac - n/a
4-Nov-06, 01:02 PM
Just tuned in to the posting and read with some amusement .Then realised that may be I had better announce. I AIN'T DEAD YET!!.

Any rate Martin is doing a good job of telling it like it was.

If any one wants clarification on any thing raised then bell me on 01293 528305

Regards to you all Kip

Russ Pullen - n/a
4-Nov-06, 06:07 PM
Any rate Martin is doing a good job of telling it like it was.

THE BLACK DOG..... "He Tells It Like It Is....!"