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Ian Brooks - n/a
26-Oct-06, 02:16 PM

Q1 - how should the magnets be retained on th inside of the 25hp kohler flywheel? Are they supposed to be bonded, if so what with?

Q2 - has anyone got a spare alternator and/or flywheel for a Kohler CH25? To replace mine which was mangled by the magnets that came off the flywheel... If so how much do you want for it?



Michel - n/a
27-Oct-06, 06:04 AM
Hello, Ian,

If you have to replace your flywheel, think about a special one they use in USA to increase power. I did' nt change mine , because it was expensive for me to order , and I hate to give my card number on the net. But if you have to change it, anyway .....

The ignition advance is variable and power increase is about 5 HP.

I don' t have the link anymore, but look for it.