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erbus - n/a
13-Feb-07, 03:48 PM
can anyone help ....again...

have hulls split to repair bottom hull with fibreglass and would

like to replace the 2" high density foam which is in lots of bits that keep coming loose.

from peoples experience can polystyrene sheet be used such as they sell at builders merchants instead of the foam?

also the craft has a centre tunnel that incorporates a large fuel tank - is it worth also filling this space with buoyancy or would i be messing up air flow to the front?

(there are 2 large 'clear' channels on either side.

thanks again


jon_curtis - n/a
13-Feb-07, 05:22 PM

This is the stuff you wana use,

expanded polyethylene foam, LD 33 30kg/m3 has similar bouyancy properties to styrene foams, can be glassed with poly resin. does not aborb water/fuel etc etc

can be bought stripped to any size you want, and its not that expensive,

try Ramfoam, Eastman packaging, MSA packaging

they all stock and can cut/laminate to any size, however its sometimes cheaper to get large panels in sections http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

erbus - n/a
14-Feb-07, 09:17 AM
thanks for the help there dangerman.