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liftfan - n/a
26-Feb-07, 10:09 PM
Don"t know what happened to my last posting but here goes another try. I am back working on my Hovercraft and need a service manual for a EC44 Robin engine. Or at least a wiring diagram . Can anyone help? I tried http://blackice.com with no URL listing . Thanks for any info.

hovmart - n/a
27-Feb-07, 07:03 AM
that engine is actual made for polaris snowmobiles and living were you are it will be beter to go to you local snowmobile shop for parts and info, they were relabled for the english market with the robin name,let me know how you get on

regards M

hovmart - n/a
27-Feb-07, 07:48 AM
just found this may help

machineage - n/a
27-Feb-07, 07:53 PM
liftfan - I have the full manual stored as a html file. If you can forward me your email address I'll mail you the folder.


liftfan - n/a
27-Feb-07, 10:58 PM
Hi Chris:

Thanks for the reply to my request. I a retired guy living in Vernon, British Columbia Canada and have a work shop where I fool around with Hovercraft etc.

George Wright

Email address: george_wright@shaw.ca

Thanks again for the reply.

liftfan - n/a
27-Feb-07, 11:03 PM
Hi again Chris:

Don"t know if Email address came out ok so here it is again.


kevinf - n/a
7-Mar-07, 03:26 PM
I have just carried out a PDF conversion of this manual so if anyone would like a copy send me a PM with your email address and I'll buzz one over to you. It's a bit more printer friendly than the HTML version.