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tonybroad - n/a
26-Mar-07, 10:45 AM
no not womens' problems -

it's time of the month where if anyone has anything for the magazine could you please send it to the usual addresses (contacts section)or email me (below) or magazine@hovercraft.org.uk

It's for the May magazine so i could do with Gang Warily directions please i've already got Rother Valley



Ian Brooks - n/a
26-Mar-07, 04:08 PM
Did you get the Berkeley cruise stuff through OK?


tonybroad - n/a
26-Mar-07, 08:41 PM
yes thanks Ian

tonybroad - n/a
28-Mar-07, 08:29 PM
2 weeks max before May magazine goes to print - if you have anything i'd appreciate it

151 people have read this thread so far and i've not had a peep, don't rely on others - it can be anonymous if you wish



team black - n/a
28-Mar-07, 09:02 PM
One sent to the magazine e-mail- does this get to both you and Annie?

tonybroad - n/a
29-Mar-07, 08:27 AM
Anne gets them currently and passes them on but i think it's going to be diverted

you can send it to mine if you want to be sure

thnaks for contributing


tonybroad - n/a
30-Mar-07, 08:06 AM
got your article Chalky - thanks it'll cetainly be in next months


hovercad - n/a
30-Mar-07, 09:31 AM
Hello Tony,

Sort of off topic.

I suspect in the past there have been articles on the basics of crafts etc.

Tutorials on basic repair technics (Ie fibreglassing etc )

Thought if things were a bit low for the magazine one month Things like this could be added or become a regular feature.

Not all readers have years of experience and the basic things are still new and would be intresting.

Just a thought.


tonybroad - n/a
30-Mar-07, 04:14 PM
yes these types of article come up every so often (written a couple myself)

i'd welcome anything like that - often new build stories are good 'cos they also deal with the making side of things

ideally we'd like a store of articles so we can draw on them if a particular month is thin

thnaks for your suggestion