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Keith Oakley - n/a
8-Apr-07, 09:06 AM
Good to see (from list on this site) that the Euro Circus is coming to Whittlesey in July. However the EHF site spells it Whittlesea so I hope our European friends don't punch that into their satnav.

Digging around various EU contacts the current state of EU play seems to be Germany and Poland already declared off, Slovakia 90% through getting their permissions so hopeful, Norway unlikely, only nationals in France, and Sweden definately on. If anyone has any better info please shout.

Russ Pullen - n/a
10-Apr-07, 05:17 PM
So, good chance of a three round euro championship then.

that'll make you happy if you have 10k's worth of F1 parked in the garage. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif

Lets face it, if its not UK Inland Racing, nobody gives a damn about it.

In my humble opinion of course.

team black - n/a
10-Apr-07, 05:51 PM
No Norway = no Worlds next year; an international is a pre-requisite for a world meeting

rennick - n/a
10-Apr-07, 08:05 PM
What you say isn't *exactly* true:


A The proposed site should previously have hosted a significant Hovercraft racing event.

B The WHF reserve the right to inspect potential sites in the 9 - 12 month period prior to the event. At this time conditions regarding any improvements to the site or organisational structure may be laid down. These improvements must be proved to have been undertaken by video presentation or documentation six months prior to the event.

C Video proof of Hovercraft using the site will be needed four months prior to the event.

D The WHF reserve the right to withdraw the approval for a World Championship event up to three months prior to the event.[/COLOR]


team black - n/a
10-Apr-07, 09:14 PM
So, what is "significant" in the context? I hate woolly words like "significant"

significant definition


1. Having or expressing a meaning; meaningful.

2. Having or expressing a covert meaning; suggestive: a significant glance. See Synonyms at expressive.

3. Having or likely to have a major effect; important: a significant change in the tax laws.

4. Fairly large in amount or quantity: significant casualties; no significant opposition.

5. Statistics Of or relating to observations or occurrences that are too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and therefore indicate a systematic relationship.

significant synonyms


Effectively conveying meaning, feeling, or mood: eloquent, expressive, meaning, meaningful. See express, show

Conveying hidden or unexpressed meaning: meaningful, pregnant, suggestive. See meaning

Having great significance: big, consequential, considerable, historic, important, large, material, meaningful, monumental, substantial. See important

rennick - n/a
10-Apr-07, 09:25 PM

Looks to me like you've got it covered! (I especially like, "pregnant"!)


hovmart - n/a
11-Apr-07, 03:19 AM
thats made it a lot clearer http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_confused.gif

andycollins - n/a
11-Apr-07, 08:49 AM
So if we can get Anne to Norway in the next few weeks we're OK?

Phew, glad we sorted that one out.


Jonathan - n/a
18-Apr-07, 03:42 PM
Wouldn't these events have a better chance of going ahead If they didn't insist on clashing with UK events??... At least then they could count on a few of us brits attending to boost their numbers.

Re: Norway, I hope it does go ahead, I think it's the only race that doesn't clash with the UK national race calendar...

Sandra Barlow - n/a
19-Apr-07, 10:41 AM

European organisers do not insist on deliberately clashing with UK events - sometimes it cannot be helped - the dates are often set by the european site owners much the same as ours can be.

I know that our European counterparts do what they can to avoid UK event dates as they also wish for us to attend their meetings, we usually have the greater number of craft although Sweden are catching us up fast!!

It may be that sometimes we have to choose between chasing the UK Championship or the European Championship once in a while.

Jonathan - n/a
19-Apr-07, 11:58 AM
I wasn't sure how the euro organisers selected their dates, I am however sure that the UK dates are announced well before the Euro dates, It just seems bonkers that all of the european rounds (Except Norway) clashed!

Does anyone know if the european dates really are dictated by their venues? If they are unable to make other dates, perhaps we could move an event (No, Not all of them!)?

Sandra Barlow - n/a
19-Apr-07, 12:39 PM
Why not contact Chris Barlow, he attends the EHF meetings, has raced europeans for many years and probably could give you the facts rather than the assumptions that are often made.

You will find his details in the contacts section.

By the way - Whittlesea European doesn't clash with anything!!!!!!!

sixpackpert - n/a
19-Apr-07, 12:48 PM
Does anyone know if the european dates really are dictated by their venues? If they are unable to make other dates, perhaps we could move an event (No, Not all of them!)?

Some of our event dates are dictated by the venue so it's almost definate that Europe's are. Having raced and attended a couple of events in Europe then I can believe that the dates are venue dictated (because they're usually open to the public for watersports etc when we are not racing there).

<font size="1">i could be wrong though so I'm going to run away now!![/COLOR]

kevinf - n/a
19-Apr-07, 04:57 PM
This is why all branches & event organisers are asked to have their budgets and proposed dates for Nationals submitted by the Branch Liaison meeting held in mid-October every year, so that our EHF representative can go to the EHF meeting at the end of October with a set of proposals from the UK to try and avoid clashes. Most years it works pretty well, this year there were (as I understand it) too many restrictions on the proposed EHF events to avoid conflicts.

As it stands at the moment, Norway is unlikely to take place. This means that the 2008 Worlds event is in jeopardy - there isn't enough time for anyone to put an alternative proposal together and organise such a high profile event in the remaining time.

It would be fantastic if the UK could find a venue suitable for a Worlds event - none of the current sites are suitable for 130+ craft, many are not suitable for an EHF event either. If anyone has a possible site with suitable terrain and facilities they should get in touch with either their local branch or event organisers, or the Competitions Committee so that it could be investigated and a National and EHF event run there in, say, 2008 with a view to a Worlds event in 2009!!!