View Full Version : 503 running problems - Update

Pat Tobin - n/a
1-May-07, 07:50 PM
Hi all

Just an update to the problems I had earlier

As people suggested I stripped the carb and cleaned it. No blockages found.

I put it back in and fresh fuel but still it would only run on one cylinder or maybe intermittently on two.

So I started into the electrical system. I took out the plug and it was soaking indicating that there was fuel present. It was then that I realised that the plugs were new and set to a standard gap of 25 thou and I rembered seeing somewhere that on the Rotax they should be at 15 thou. So I set them to 15 and bingo the engined started ran smoothly at just over 2k. I had also fitted the tacho I had.

Lesson learnt !!

Didnt get it out for a blast...thats at the weekend

Thanks to all for their help