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pest619 - n/a
17-Jun-07, 08:31 PM
At the risk of sounding like a hippy i was wondering whether its possible to run bioethanol /E85 in our 2-strokes?

Or does it need weird oils and higher compression to work well? And i heard somewhere it eats rubber bits and needs extra fuel filters etc?!?

Might have an insider in British sugar who makes the stuff...


tonybroad - n/a
18-Jun-07, 08:07 AM
we've been doing some tests on it at the university although i've not been involved, i understand it's pretty aggresive stuff and you need particular fuel lines and filters - it also dissolved some sealant inside some jerry cans and blocked the Formula Ford fuel filters

not sure how 2 stroke oils will take to it though

i'll ask about what you'd need and wether it's do-able


Keith Oakley - n/a
18-Jun-07, 11:49 AM
Take a look at the strand on Carbon Neutral Hovercraft earlier this year. My understanding is that most of our engines can run 10% straight away - don't know about 85%

French Lake - n/a
19-Jun-07, 06:10 PM
- it also dissolved some sealant inside some jerry cans and blocked the Formula Ford fuel filters

Years ago I worked for a firm making fuel caps for cars; we had all sorts of trouble with bio dissolving the sealing rings inside the fuel caps!

Aggressive? I'd say so!

pest619 - n/a
20-Jun-07, 07:23 AM
But it can be potent- i saw a saab with an engine properly modified for 100% ethanol making 300hp from 2litres...

Nick Long - n/a
20-Jun-07, 07:52 PM
Hi Peter,

Are you sure that wasn't methanol? Methanol is commonly used as a race fuel as it can run at higher compression than petrol. I think there are bike racing classes that use it.

Whereas the average hippy can tolerate a bit of ethanol, I wouldn't advise giving him methanol.


pest619 - n/a
20-Jun-07, 08:43 PM
Just realised its turbocharged but still quite impressive;

http://www.whatcar.com/news-article.aspx?NA=224198 (www.whatcar.com/news-article.aspx?NA=224198)

And the russians dont seem to mind methanol!