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Ian Brooks - n/a
30-Jun-07, 01:18 PM
PTO end electric start kit for a Rotax 503, (keeps pull start).

PM with your email address for details, photo etc;

100, plus shipping about 20 within UK or pickup from Gloucester


Ian Brooks - n/a
15-Jul-07, 07:54 AM
Now up on ebay, currently at 35 no reserve, 2 days left. This should be a bargain for someone...

Item number 280133105280


adrian - n/a
30-Jul-07, 10:07 AM
Is this the one that sticks out behind the engine?

Whereabouts in Gloucester are you?

I'm in Churchdown...


atp@chosen-hill.gloucs sch.uk

Ian Brooks - n/a
30-Jul-07, 07:32 PM

It mounts onto the side of the engine exhaust side and the ring gear is attached to the pulley or similar on the PTO. In theory, it's sold to a guy on ebay, but since he's not sent a cheque then and it's more than two weeks, I'm open to offers. I'm in Hucclecote, you can come a see it if that helps. Give me a call on 619039 if you want to look.


adrian - n/a
31-Jul-07, 01:35 PM
Hi, Ian,

-called the number, but missed you.

Would tomorrow, Wed 1st August, be ok to call round, say between 6.30 and 7.00pm, please?

I'll need an address, please.

Or you can email me on atp@chosen-hill(dot)gloucs(dot)sch(dot)uk.


ps: I'm presumimg all the bits are there, and it's not just a starter-motor? If it's what I think it is, there should also be a mounting bracket, a one-way spragg clutch mounted on a stub shaft that bolts to the flywheel, and a toothed belt.

If there's a gear-ring, then I'm intrigued, because the Rotax starter bolts into the flywheel housing and does stick out the back, increasing the length of the engine, effectively. Yet you describe it as lying alongside the engine block.

Jeremy - n/a
31-Jul-07, 08:47 PM

It sounds like the Simonini one that Deepak used to sell. A word of caution, Deepak stopped selling them I believe, because he couldn't get them approved for flight in the UK, if that's what you're thinking of using it for. Here's a link to the Simonini starter: http://www.simonini-flying.com/avviatore_a36_eng.htm

There is another Rotax rear electric starter that is approved for flight, the one that fits with the motor poking out at right angles to the axis of the crank. This drives via a bevel gear bolted on to the flywheel and still allows the pull start to be used.

I think that you're thinking this might be an old M4, the one made by Don years ago, now supported by Keith at Ecclestone I believe.


Ian Brooks - n/a
31-Jul-07, 10:32 PM

It's not a simonini - judging by the photos. I should be in tomorrow evening, so just give me a quick call and come round - I'm only 10 mins from Churchdown.

It's probably not suited to microlight use.

I'll email some photos.


adrian - n/a
1-Aug-07, 08:11 AM
Hi Jeremy, nice to hear from you again. I stopped monitoring the other website just after Xmas, it was getting too personal and childish...

Yes I was thinking it was the M4.

What's the 90' starter, then?

Is the BB trike still in existence, and how's the B&S project?

Best wishes,