View Full Version : Help with Robin t34 engine Please!

prince_valient2001 - n/a
2-Jul-07, 07:59 AM
Hi all, Dose anyone know the electical side of the Robin T34 engine.

I'm trying to find out the electrical output of the engines magneto to the regulator box and what the voltage should be from there to the coil. Only I have voltage out of regulator but there is no spark from the plugs and wondering if maybe the coil as suddenly gone or the out put voltage from regulator is not enough. It did work unill i just moved the coil and reg box up higher. So it could just be a short on a wire. Great if someone could help. all the best. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

team black - n/a
2-Jul-07, 08:11 AM
There's a fair bit of info at:


Failing which, try Keith at Vortex services, he used to specialise in Fuji engines


Jamie Lewendon - n/a
2-Jul-07, 11:45 AM
Checking the obvious first. Have you re-earthed the case of the cdi and coil if you have moved it.


Pat Tobin - n/a
2-Jul-07, 12:23 PM
Here is something I had from an old manual it might be of some use.


hovercad - n/a
2-Jul-07, 12:46 PM

Dont know if the T34 is anything like the EC44.

The black wire from the CDI is ground to stop engine.

Boy did i chuckle when i realised after measuring every wire every check in the manual etc etc.(My excuse bad copy of manual.)

Disconnected said wire one pull shock horror it started.