View Full Version : Weslake Electric Start/Manual Start

hang - n/a
18-Jul-07, 07:09 PM
Any body know if it is possible to convert a Weslake to Electric or Manual (pull) type starter?

bryan - n/a
18-Jul-07, 07:32 PM
hi Baldy the answer is yes to manual start.BUT you have to use the old type mag ring which are hens teeth!

The more modern mag ring is smaller , and has been designed to be started with a electric start. I am sure this was to prevent

people from srapping the motor to there back and making the jump of faith!

Don83000 - n/a
18-Jul-07, 11:41 PM
The answer would also be yes to electric start if you used a dynostart from something like a Sachs rotary engine as they are V belt drive I used one as a starter on a Rotax 503 the other engines that had them fitted was some of the Stuart Turner generator and launch engines you may be able to get one from the hovercraft museum as they have some spares for the old hover hawk which some of them used the Sachs engines.They are roughly the size of a older type car dynamo I could email you a pic if you want as I have one under my bench.

hang - n/a
20-Jul-07, 03:51 PM
Many thanks for your replies - further question: any info on geared drives for the Weslake?