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chris barlow - n/a
23-Jul-07, 06:03 PM
Hi all - new and old,

This is, as most of you will know, a very rare message from me, brought on by some comments made today on this board.

I would just like to explain what exactly the Club's role is in Hovercrafting.

We are here to promote the use of light and sporting hovercraft (under 1 metric tonne) and to give guidance and support to our members and any other interested parties, so that they can use their craft - be it racing or cruising safely.

The Club has no bias towards racing, cruising or off-shore events. It does not organise events - it provides the facilities for its members to organise events i.e. financial, risk assessments, insurance, equipment, support etc.

In land racing has always been very popular amongst our members, the ability to share experiences and engineering in a field for 2 days with paramedics, recovery, manufacturers and suppliers has always been and always will be an ideal place for anyone interested in hovercraft.

Off-shore racing which had developed, from some very enthusiastic members over the last couple of years, was given a fair sized budget, its own committee and to a certain degree a free rein however this was not enough to sustain it.

Cruising in-shore, off-shore or up and down rivers has always been geographically hard to co-ordinate, no-one wants to drive 200 miles to find that they can't launch off a beach because of the weather conditions. Cruising is generally organised locally amongst local groups, apart from the bigger gatherings that CACEC organise. 20 cruising craft heading off down a public beach somewhere has and will upset the locals.

Whatever element of Hovercrafting you choose, I would suggest that for cruising the best place to go for advice would be a cruising event or ask around to see where your local cruisers meet. Similary if racing is your bag, the best place to go would be a racing event or making contact with your local branch.

<u>The Club is here to support people in this way</u> but it may not suit everyone.

The whole of the HCGB is run and maintained by hovercraft enthusiasts on a voluntary basis. If you feel something can be improved - as a member you are entitled to put yourself and/or your opinions forward to any committee.

And always remember......this is a self-help group. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif