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hectorshouse46 - n/a
29-Jul-07, 10:30 AM
Hello, I have just spent most of Saturday with my cruising hovercraft at the Collieston village gala. Collieston is a small village on the NE coast of Scotland with it's own harbour and a very nice gentle sandy beach. The fire brigade attended as did the RNLI who's excuse for attending was a 'training exercise' which involves throwing one of the crew out of a rib and pulling them back in again. Good on them for attending as recently 'safety issues' have prevented them. They were a big attraction as was Vanguard which attracted a lot of questions and interest after making it through the parked cars and people to the slipway.

I did some runs a few hundred metres out of the harbour and back. We had blue skies but a stiff breeze blowing offshore. All went well even the 360 degree hover around the coastguard vessel before it moored.

Hovering with so many spectators you really want it to go well as any mishaps will be seen so many. Luckily no problems at all. Quite a few of the people I know in the village took short runs out with me resulting in universal smiles all round. The most common question was 'will it sink if the engine stops'? Answer 'no' or 'yes' if you wanted their trip to have a little more of an edge (joke). The most common observation was how smooth the transition from land to water was.

In all I think it was a good promotional day for hovercraft, may be next year I can search out another craft especially a UK style hovercraft to attend. Here's hoping.

Steve H