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peterd51 - n/a
12-Aug-07, 10:35 PM

I had the engine running today following a rebuilt/clean-up but I only had enough fuel in the pipe and filter for about ten seconds running.

I ran it twice and noted a lot of fuel dripping from the throttle and choke levers. There are no seals on these, it's metal to metal.

It could be that there's way too much fuel being delivered into the carb and these are the lowest points for it to leak out.

It's a Kohler 2-stroke single with a Tillotson HR19a carb.

The carb has two adjusters on the top marked as 'H' and 'L'...

does anyone have any ideas about basic settings and adjusting one of these?



jon_curtis - n/a
13-Aug-07, 05:32 PM
the only thing i would say is, dont run a 2 stroke dry of fuel!you might be rebuilding again!

peterd51 - n/a
14-Aug-07, 12:14 PM

hopefully it'll all work out and I decide to keep the hovercraft and in that case I'll be upgrading to a four stroke.

Initially I just want to get it hovering and see what it's all about.

I found a couple of forums for hobies like 'vintage smowmobiles', 'karting' and 'lawn-mower racing'.

So I tried the same request there and had a response pointing to a special 'carburettor' web-site with pdf's for the Tillotsons plus a few others...


if anyone has similar queries to mine.