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pest619 - n/a
30-Aug-07, 02:11 PM
Having just set up my engine in my new craft i cant seem to get the powervalve to start at the right position (lining up holes in egine casing and pulley) and when it starts up it fiddles around more than it usually did.

Also after flying around for a few minutes the engine dies down and eventually stops- could these 2 problems be linked- like the powervalve not being where its meant to be and causing the engine to become unresponsive and stop. After it has stopped i can just start it up and carry on as per normal.

Remember hearing something about the sensor in the servo getting messed up etc?



Derek Sweetman - n/a
30-Aug-07, 05:27 PM
First thing to check is the battery voltage!

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tonybroad - n/a
31-Aug-07, 08:29 AM
A faulty powervale in the wrong position wouldn't cause the engine to die just run sickly

Is your tacho behaving properly as the wire to the tacho is the signal wire to the PV controller, if tacho's OK signal is OK

Also check that your CDI is earthed to your engine, i found this to be a problem with tacho/PV working properly

as for the engine dying check for any fuel starvation i.e. filters/kinked fuel lines/ineffective fuel pump

good luck


darwin - n/a
31-Aug-07, 06:21 PM
If the cables are to tight the power valve pulses can't decide when to stop

Check the cables


mick - n/a
1-Sep-07, 08:47 PM
Sounds like a clasic case of water in your fuel to me refercane engine keep stopping, did you flush the tank out? if ok check inside bowls for water droplets.

Ciaran Cronin - n/a
3-Sep-07, 08:18 PM
You shouldn't have said that as the title you've jynxed us all!!! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_sad.gif

pest619 - n/a
4-Sep-07, 02:52 PM
that was the general idea! thanks for the replies, unfortunately i wont be able to get to the craft to check the fuel until friday... cant see why it would have water in- i had a blast in the old craft using the same fuel for about 10mins before i put the engine into the new hull... but there could have been some water in the fuel tank after washing it out even tho im pretty sure i made sure it was dry after been on the boiler for a few days!