View Full Version : A Proper Bow Plane is 10 Degrees?

kach22i - n/a
4-Sep-07, 02:45 PM
I'd like to see some photos or drawings of bow planes posted, below is mine.


Everyone says that the Scat and Scat II have plow-in problems and most of that is because it has no plow plane, where a UH or Sevtec (approx. 10 degrees) have plow planes.

I marked off the bow with some duct tape for a cutting line (approx. 15 degrees). Pulled out my reciprocating and cut away the offending edge. I then took a bread knife and cut a 1/2" recess in the foam for a MDO plywood insert. I took out my jigsaw and cut a half circle piece which was then glued flush. The entire area will be fiberglassed next week (I hope).




If you were to do this for a stock fingered skirt, I imagine some additional modification to the bow skirts or at least their loop ties and lengthen the plastic zip ties.

On my craft there will be no connection to the hull as the front drape is attached to each side skirt. I found the connection points on my previous set-up was a source of wear and stress as the connection got trapped under the bow hull.

Link to project craft (more pictures):


tonybroad - n/a
5-Sep-07, 08:05 AM
I'll be interested to see if it works, keep us posted

but if your bow plane is hitting the water then is the problem not with the skirt, if the skirt behaved itself then the shape of the bow plane would not even come into it

just a thought


Superwedge - n/a
5-Sep-07, 11:46 AM

Or you could try extending the hull length to give more lift preventing the plow to start with. Also adding a step to the front of the hull will trap a bubble of air under the craft letting the craft recover if a plow does occur rather than the plow wiping all the air from the hull. Neoteric use this system on their hulls... (Concaved forward hull section.)

Just another possible approach

kach22i - n/a
5-Sep-07, 03:51 PM
More plow plane views.


http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x295/kach22i/ (s184.photobucket.com/albums/x295/kach22i/)



My current bag & drape skirt is more stable than the old finger skirt, that alone might be why it has shown no signs of "plow-in". Then again test time can be measured in minutes not hours. Slight amounts of porpoising, nothing bad (yet) other than skirt wear at places I'm in the process of fixing.

I will be trapping more air at the bow and at a better flow angle with this modification, this should help prevent hull contact on steep inclines (I hope).

EDIT: A Neoteric style dip at the bow might cut the skirt beacuse the skirt goes under the hull at that point. The skirt getting trapped under the hull might remain a problem for me, see the "Skid Thread". I'm hoping the skids will keep some daylight between the skirt and hull when stopping. I may secure a rubber garden hose to the plow plane to act as a spacer or impact cushion. I want to test some things to failure before applying a fix, other things I don't want to fix twice. I'm making it all up as I go along. More "Art" than "Science", more "Grunt" than "Brains", but that's how I learn more.