View Full Version : Bing 54 carb wanted

Sean Atterbury - n/a
11-Sep-07, 09:55 AM
Hi all

Am looking for a bing 54 carb for my 503

There is one on E-bay for $ 90 but that is new and I would like to save some bucks and get a second hand one in good condition.

Anyone got one lying around in a box somewhere, let me know.


jon_curtis - n/a
13-Sep-07, 06:03 PM
what have you done to the ones you have on there already?

Sean Atterbury - n/a
14-Sep-07, 06:23 AM
it got a hole in the bottom http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_redface.gif and the slide thingie is worn out a bit, there is play when it moves, the motor was a bit used when I got it, the other one seems fine, just the one.

I can get the slide thing here but its way over budget and I can get a complete new one for the same prise. So Y not. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif