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profqwerty - n/a
11-Oct-07, 04:35 PM

This is an aside from the build thread.

The lower bearing block with the small pulley / flexi coupling on seems to be leaking oil (a lot). I have tried puting higher viscosities (upto 15W) than the usual engine oil, but no help.

It seems to be coming out of the oil level check plug and the drain plug.

Would going to much higher W work? Maybe 85W gearbox oil or something? or is it acceptable to put PTFE tape on the plug threads?



Mart366 - n/a
11-Oct-07, 09:13 PM
I use 10/40 magnatec in mine, and some oil does seep past the bearings, around where there pressed in. i was going to go back and and seal the edges of the bearing to the block bores with silicon sealer or similar.

To be honest the amount of seepage isnt that bad, and i just top up the block between races, i treat it as a "loss" system, that waym, i dont run the risk of having the bearings going dry (thats my theory anyway)