View Full Version : It went BANG!!!

Burtythepilot - n/a
12-Oct-07, 06:20 AM
I was told that if you tune the 22hp Briggs twin, its days were numbered. How true!!! Mine dropped a valve on the Severn Cruise. I got many hours out of it though, so...

I've seen other Briggs twins in many broken bits at racing events and heard of others that must be in similar condition having also dropped valves. My engine was at idle when it stopped so the damage isn't bad and the other side is still good.

So to try to put mine back together, before going to speak to Mr. Briggs and Mr. Stratton and to lower my carbon foot print apparently and always thinking of recycling let alone my wallet, has anyone got a 22hp head and piston in slightly better condition than mine that I could buy?

Also I've heard of better exhaust valves than the standard. It would be silly not to fit them. Anyone know where they come from? I would be greatful for enlightenment.

Brill weekend indeed and thanks to all the organisers.

team black - n/a
12-Oct-07, 03:41 PM
The standard exhaust valves on the Briggs will not take much of an over speed. Keith Smallwood has had some 2 piece valves manufactured and sells them through Vortex.org.uk