View Full Version : Finally I have made it: Number ONE on GOOGLE 1 - 10 of about 1,080,000 for build a hovercraft.

Horus - n/a
17-Oct-07, 02:39 PM
Hello All,

I have finally made it to Number One on GOOGLE.CO.UK but only from the works computer if I try on my home computer I am number 7 which is really strange to have a difference in the rankings.

Check it out yourself type in BUILD A HOVERCRAFT and my site is first, welldone to Mr. Evans whose excellent site is there on the first page aswell.

<font color="firebrick">Results 1 - 10 of about 1,080,000 for build a hovercraft[/COLOR]

The part that currently lets my site down is CONTENT, I really dont have much going on within it, I will be working on the site this weekend and it is the reason for my post.. to ask you all if you have your own build site or even if you are a supplier of parts and you would like me to put your details on my site ! Its much easier than messaging you for permission.

Simply..If you have a website and would like to be listed please PM me with your web address and description of your site, and I will gladly add you, I cannot just add your details without your permission, and its wrong just to use copy & paste to obtain lists, <font color="crimson">I will do it Correctly[/COLOR].

<font color="coral">If you can add a link to my site I will ofcourse be extremely happy to accept.[/COLOR]

<font color="orangered">Im getting a lot of hits on the site[/COLOR] hence it being at the top of the rankings but the logs show not many lengthy stays which indicates I have a very empty site.

<font color="orange">No SPAM ofcourse, I hate it ! with a passion.[/COLOR] you will see from the posts Ive put in and also from those that have been removed I am passionate about all forms of dribble being removed and making forums a safer place to post not only on this site but also on several other forum sites, So your site must be hovercraft related preferably with help on building tips or a build diary, <font color="indigo">Remember this is a personal build site[/COLOR].

If you copy and paste my banner into your links page I will be most grateful.

<font color="darkblue">Any extra help[/COLOR] or ideas with the direction my site should take I would be interested in apart from building the hovecraft ofcourse, I will be working on that when the weather gets worse, Always less people want to learn to scuba dive when it snows !




http://www.myhovercraft.co.uk (www.myhovercraft.co.uk)